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Waze heats my phone up...Gal S7.   I use google maps.

It is funny how you can feel how much power certain apps use over others.  Sometimes heat can be a problem, but usually not, other than it means if you are on battery it will suck it dry quickly.  Fortunately, using on the bike there would be a power connection, so at least that wouldn't matter much.  (Although, if you have a poor quality cable and/or charger, it is possible to run NEGATIVE if the device is running high CPU/network; that is because different cables and chargers can drop the wattage available to the phone.  I have this problem with my Nexus 10 when playing certain games, even with a good charger/cable, it can pull more power than externally supplied and the battery will be consumed a little).
Waze heats my phone up...Gal S7.   I use google maps.
Open Forum / Re: Word Association Game.
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Open Forum / Re: What are you watching?
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Watched 'Churchill', 'The Zookeeper's Wife', 'Deepwater Horizon' and 'The man with the iron heart'.

Churchill: Well made flick and Brian Cox was surprisingly good in the title role. I would give it a 3 1/2 out of 5, or a little more for those not being sticklers for history.

The Zookeeper's Wife: OK flick, did not really do it for me.

Deepwater Horizon: Well made but very formulaic movie. Kurt Russel is good as a main character. Again, 3 1/2 out of 5; not a bad movie, just not really close to being a great one.

The man with the iron heart: This one is tough for me because I have studied the main character for quite a while and I do not think they really portrayed him correctly. Reinhard Heydrich was far more complex than this movie makes him out to be. Also it is somewhat inaccurate historically, again probably not something that would bother most people but I find the actual story is more than riveting enough. Anyway, 4 out of 5 and maybe a tad more. Caveat Emptor though: this is a dark, disturbing movie not because of any film content but because it portrays one of the most gruesome periods of history and one of the absolutely most individually terrifying people of all time. For those not familiar, Reinhard Heydrich was the author of 'The Final Solution' to "The Jewish Problem" in the Third Reich, as well as a very high ranking leader of several facets of the most sinister parts of the worst behavior of WWII. The movie makes lays out a path of this man's life that makes sense to most people probably but it is inaccurate; in reality, Heydrich was an intelligent, able, conscientious, driven, affable, overall 'good guy' who orchestrated some of the worst atrocities in human history. When one digs a little bit into Ted Bundy, one finds a monster; when digging into Reinhard Heydrich as far as I have been able to do so, one finds a 'good and decent' human with far better than average abilities. Maybe the closest thing to a real- life Hannibal Lecter.

Additional info: I have a Nexus 5; pretty old now (wow- almost 3 years) but still works great.  I will try to remember to take and post photos of it and the X Grip mount next time I use them.

Also, although the conductive thread did work fairly good for my left index finger, the biggest problem I had using the phone with maps was trying to zoom in/out, which requires the "pinch" gesture.  That is exceedingly difficult with gloves, on a 5" screen, while driving, even without the issues of it being a capacitive screen.    LOL!  I just researched that and you can alternatively zoom by double tapping then drag, just tested it and it works- learn something new every day.  Hmmm.

As for Waze-  Google Maps does include traffic data, and [at least on the non-Android-Auto incarnation of Maps] somehow includes Waze's data (crash info, etc).  Not quite sure how they are doing that unless they are paying Waze for it.  I am used to not having traffic data on the bike or the car (just GPS), so I always check my route in Google Maps on my computer or phone before leaving.  But this hasn't worked out so well with the traffic around here on many occasions.  Anyway, it appears that if you want the full Waze, it apparently will integrate into the Android Auto menu somehow (I have not tried, but it is offered on Play Store specifically as an add-on by Android Auto).
Makes sense on the battleship/handing thing and such.

But unless we are talking about ongoing maintenance costs (which we do know are higher for BWM), you already lost your shirt by buying the K16.   It is hard to recoup unless you found someone willing to pay super-top-dollar (hopefully you did).

I would ask you what you will miss the most about the K16, but you kinda implied it already by what you immediately plan to add to the C14 that you didn't have before on the C14- cruise control.
Open Forum / Re: We have reached a new level
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Playboy is still around...? :o
May I ask why you're selling the K16?

A couple reasons: First, despite great intentions, I ride less than I used to, and my rides tend to be shorter day rides. This year barely 4K. My wife comes along less frequently as well. For these reasons along with what I spend for the K16, it makes sense to try to find something more economical.

Also, taking the K16 out for a two or three hour ride fells like I am launching the USS Ronald Reagan to cross a pond. It is a fantastic long distance bike, but low speed maneuvering is really cumbersome especially with a passenger. The C14 is easier to handle.

I turn 50 this month and at this stage have bigger ambitions than spending $25K on one motorcycle.         
WAZE always! and  my Zumo665 with XM radio I got used from Ebay for cheap.
  I never go anywhere without running WAZE
I believe he mentioned the reason in another thread: cost. He has found the cost(s) of the BMW too high. I am sure he can elaborate.


May I ask why you're selling the K16?
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