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The Bike - C14/GTR 1400 / Re: My clutch blew up ( and the speedometer too)
« Last post by VirginiaJim on Yesterday at 08:16:12 pm »
 :hail:   I'm moved to tears you're back!  Now about your problem...I think it must be the star spring you're talking about and we've had reports here lately of a higher mileage bike where that happened....but $1900?
The Bike - C14/GTR 1400 / Re: Lid reinstall for gas tank storage bin?
« Last post by GTRrob on Yesterday at 07:29:57 pm »
Did you get the glove box back together on your bike?

Yep, the gen. 1 glove box is delicate and pretty cheesy; mine broke shortly after I bought the bike and a lot of them never did work quite right from brand new.

If you did not get yours together, I can take a look at mine and maybe take a photo or two that may help. I have not looked at mine in so long I just cannot remember how it goes together other than it can go together incorrectly and is really easy to break.

Let us know and I think we can get some more info. to you about it.


I did not put it together yet. I am messing with it now. The pics provided so far are not as helpful as I want. The spring doesn't seem to want to "stretch" over the humps i. The hinge if you will. If someone could take a few minutes to provide some decent pics from their own bike that would be greatly appreciated. I will keep fiddlong with it.
Open Forum / Re: We're doomed!
« Last post by maxtog on Yesterday at 06:39:01 pm »
I expect the totalitarian crap from an overreaching government but people actually making a conscious choice to be chipped like a dog is scary.

Big business can be just as scary as government sometimes.  I have seen policies and requirements that are way beyond what I would call reasonable.  For example, I head that the big medical conglomerate here that controls most ALL the hospitals and healthcare delivery put out some draconian edict that employees couldn't use nicotine, at all (in ANY FORM).... not at lunch on break, at home, ANYWHERE.  And they screen and TEST people!  I mean, it is one thing to say what people can do at the job, but something legal when not on the clock???  And exactly what is the purpose?  And what is next?  No drinking alcohol when not at work?  No caffeine?  No junk food?  No riding a motorcycle?  I was shocked.  And most local healthcare workers can't just elect to "work somewhere else" when one company controls 90% of those markets in a 2 million-person, 6-city area.

Back to the article.... "Optional" things like the chipping in the article, isn't necessarily "optional" if you are labeled a non "team-player" and such.
The Bike - C14/GTR 1400 / Re: My clutch blew up ( and the speedometer too)
« Last post by gPink on Yesterday at 06:27:56 pm »
Is this THE Haroldo.....the legend? Wow good to hear from you. We've heard whispers but thought you were just a myth. Sorry about the clutch. Are you going to document the repair here where we can follow along. I heard the valve adjust was epic but all that was lost a few years back.  ;D
The Bike - C14/GTR 1400 / My clutch blew up ( and the speedometer too)
« Last post by Haroldo_PSF on Yesterday at 06:15:01 pm »
Hi there. It's been a while  ;D
I thought I'd share the very first time, ever, that my beloved 08 connie has taken a  dump on me (well, it did it one other time during a valve adjust, but that was me doing it, and the dump was mostly on my part).

I bought her new in 08, and just clocked 95K miles. For over 10 years myself and friends go for a yearly 1500 miles ride of northern California best roads. This year, I had the bright idea of bragging to the others about how my Concours is the only motorcycle in the group which has NEVER had any issues or caused any aggravation during our 10 years of doing these trips.
Well, of course I had to say that, didn't I.
In the second day during our 5 day tour, the bike started false shifting. I would go into false neutral at least once an hour. Then the speedometer stopped working, and so did the odo.
Side fact: it as 110 degrees at times, and we were do we say...'spirited'.

Then, as I was coming out of a corner, I lost all resistance in the clutch lever. We stopped in the side of the road (in 105 degrees), and lo and hehold, there was a river right there! So, we all got undressed and took a dip. By the time we returned to the bikes, I had resistance back in the clutch lever, but as I started riding, I could not shift up from 2nd gear. I did not try to shift down, because I was 100 miles away from the hotel, and did not want to be eitehr stuck in 1st or loose gears completely, so I rode 100 miles in 2nd.
To cut story short, wife came and trailered me the next day (she was not happy, likely due to the 6 hour drive to my location).

As I have experience wrenching on the bike and knowing the consequences, I took it to the dealer.It turns out some spring came loose in the clutch and mangled some stuff in there, and the everything needs to be replaced (plates, spring, etc). As far as the speed, they say the speed sensor needs replacing.

The total damage is $1900.

So, learn from be boys. No matter how reliable the bike seems to be, never, ever, brag about it. Your bragging will eventually cause accelerated wear and tear which would not have happened otherwise.

Has anyone here ever had issues with the clutch like this?

As a side note, for years now, I've had this intermittent problem where I would wake up in the morning, specially cold days, and I would have no resistance in the clutch lever. After warming the engine a bit, resistance would come back. I asked the dealer, and they couldn't figure out, telling me in the end it would be easier to let something that is a little broken break fully so it would be easier to diagnose.
I then installed braided lines 2 years (maybe 3) ago. Since then, the lack of resistance on the lever went away.
Now, the clutch blew up. I wonder if I had this issue all along for all these years and it finally 'fully' broke now, after being partially broken all this time?

Open Forum / Re: We're doomed!
« Last post by gPink on Yesterday at 06:07:34 pm »
Yeah but at least that is voluntary. The most recent one that gave me a jolt was this one:

Absolutely unbelievable IMO. Seizing assets not only without due process but BEFORE any defined accusation is even made! The Constitution is so short I would think anyone and everyone should have found the time to read the thing before growing hair everywhere, and have contemplated what it means to all individuals before that first big speeding ticket.

And while it would be easy enough to teach it in school, I have serious doubts that that could even happen anymore, at least anywhere near correctly.

I expect the totalitarian crap from an overreaching government but people actually making a conscious choice to be chipped like a dog is scary.
Open Forum / Re: USS Constitution floats again 23 July 2017
« Last post by VirginiaJim on Yesterday at 06:01:42 pm »
It was fun reading your post, it really was. But can a guy get a friggin' picture around here?

For Sale / Sargent Seat- Regular height
« Last post by PH14 on Yesterday at 05:05:23 pm »
I have too many seats. I am currently using the Kawasaki Touring seat, and still have the original and a Corbin. My wife doesn't like this needs sold.

$300 plus shipping.

Open Forum / Re: What are you watching?
« Last post by mikeyw64 on Yesterday at 03:51:37 pm »
No idea why it didn't get a second seasonbut then again if I was to be honest (and I'm trying hard not to spoil it) the story didn't really justify a second  or third season.

Sometimes things are better left in the right place. (Ok moved onto films but...)

Take Steven Spielbergs A.I , Im sorry it didn't need the schmalzy ending meeting his mum again in an alien spacecraft. That film should have ended with him finding the Blue Fairy.

The Bicentennial Man is a brilliant film but it would be a travesty if they ever tried making a second one

Back on TV, Would Fawlty Towers be as good if they had kept flogging away at it?

Gavin & Stacey is another one that has probably ended at the right place after 3 seasons

Still trying to track this one down (You, Me and the Apocalypse). Funny thing is that it got excellent ratings and was cancelled. ?? What is up with that?

Your (UK) system of using broadcasting is different than ours (US). Ours is basically open, free- market (read: capitalism) with all the good and bad that comes with it. But that said, our system makes sense on an intuitive level of what will be renewed / last vs. your system, which I have never been able to figure out. Popular shows in the UK disappear, or have some episodes here and there while other, less popular shows seem to live on. A good example of this was the recent The Killing: good show (or great show), great ratings and yet it was like pulling teeth to finish the series, and even then it was with a short last season. ?? Here, that series would go on until all merit was beaten from it and it was terrible. Granted, not the best alternative but perhaps we would have gotten 3,4 or maybe even more good, solid seasons out of it before it turned sour... and then 2 or 3 (OK, maybe 5) more seasons and it would be cancelled.  ;D

Open Forum / Re: USS Constitution floats again 23 July 2017
« Last post by Pilgrim on Yesterday at 03:21:33 pm »
It was fun reading your post, it really was. But can a guy get a friggin' picture around here?

     :rotflmao:         Good one jimmymac!

You should add this comment to Brian's "A little work around the house..." thread.    ;)
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