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Working PCV (17-013) and Autotune with Wideband O2 Sensor used on a '08.  The PCV part number changed for the '10-14.  They are on the latest firmwares.
Open Forum / Re: Word Association Game.
« Last post by Rob9876 on Today at 04:58:16 pm »
Open Forum / Re: Do you know how to answer a question with a question?
« Last post by Rob9876 on Today at 04:57:28 pm »
Who's counting?
The Bike - C14/GTR 1400 / Re: Smell of Gas
« Last post by Eupher on Today at 02:11:37 pm »
Toluene - definitely a cancer-causing chemical. It has uses in chemical engineering and in other applications, but those messing with it definitely protect themselves.

For Sale / Re: C14 WINDSCREEN
« Last post by okrider on Today at 02:00:06 pm »
Dibs. PMing you now.
TAL, the genuine K hose from the series 1 bike to connect the 2 front calipers is NLA (no longer available) I believe.  Use an aftermarket hose with 30-45 degree bends on the banjo ends.  Double banjo bolts and new washers are also readily available.

PS - I ride with BrissyGTR occasionally - he loves the de-linked brakes.

Thanks for the heads-up Freddy!
All (Particularly Maxtog),, I went back and remeasured the amount my rear whell was lowered using the Muzzy Links.
Turns out that my memory was "wrong".   It was not 1 1/2". It was 1 1/8"...
     {Yea, I admit it. I made a mistake..}

I then used the corrected dimensions to calculate how much length change it takes to get different amount's of drop..

As I sed in an earlier poet, I'm trying to build my own Lowering Links. (Target is a 3/4" drop...)
  I'm doing this as I'm dragging things in the twisties, but don't want the bike raised to full height.
  and, I wanna see if I can do it.... <evil grin>

  Watch out world, Ted's homemade Lowering Link is nearing completion..

Ride safe, Ted

PS: I was also able to determine that a ZX-14 Link will lower a C-14   2 1/2"...
       I feel that is too much to lower a C-14, but {if you really need it low} it is a possibility..
« Last post by bigthaw on Today at 01:14:54 pm »
 Cee Bailey tall touring, excellent condition, no cracks or scratches...$75 plus shipping from 34691
   pm me for my email, I will send good pics...too big for upload here...
The Bike - C10 / Re: Fuel injection retrofit
« Last post by connie_rider on Today at 01:00:05 pm »
I think the proper words for today are.
:banana :banana It is "Ahhh L-I-V-E" !! :banana :banana
PS: Congratulations!

Ride safe, Ted
For Sale / Re: Refurbished (repaired) KIPASS ECU + 2 key fobs
« Last post by chile62 on Today at 12:23:29 pm »
First things first.  Thank you for your service to our country.
Did you ever confirm full functionality of the ECM you have for sale?
Would it work on my 2012 Connie?
Thank you.

Ed  (Marine Corps Veteran)
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