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My very philosophy: if I cannot have three yucks a day, and preferably one big one, I ain't gettin' out of bed. Everything is funny if one just warps the context a little bit and does not deliver it or take it as a personal or specific reference (cancer can be funny, having cancer is not funny; finding amusement in some of the facets of having cancer can even be funny, even to the patient in some circumstances). One of the things we are really losing in the US, and maybe the world, is our collective sense of humor and that is truly unfortunate IMO. I find we all get some doses of pain, and everyone dies but not everyone gets sufficient dosages of humor or fun IMO.

Good on you for laughing at yourself after making a mistake. You cannot change the fact that the mistake was made, and you cannot change the damage you have to repair no matter what your attitude but you do (we all do) have the choice of taking a case of 'stepping in it' with a couple of chuckles. Later on, I will take a photo of my most recent 'stepped in it' and post it to this thread to prove that pain and suffering can be mixed with fun and amusement. Though the anesthesiologist was a hard- sell; took me four of my medium-  to- good jokes to make him chuckle. But he did enjoy the ad lib about using LOTS of electrolyte on the paddles so they did not leave burn marks on my chest..... you know, in the event.....   :yikes: :rotflmao:


If we can't have fun we wight as well be dead.  I'm going to be riding to work this afternoon with a working Speedo... First time since late last November.  Tragically funny but still funny.
thanks for post the photos. Piston pumps, with balance rings in them- just what I would have used. :-)


ABS pump.  Separated the electrical from the mechanical.  Thought someone might like to see some pics.
The Bike - C10 / Re: Fuel injection retrofit
« Last post by gpineau on Today at 12:39:00 pm »
Thanks for the advice. I will find some loose hardware to throw in there.

I just finished up the plumbing on the fuel rails and injectors. Ran it at 40 psi for 15 minutes and NO LEAKS. Took the opportunity  to see what sort of patter will be hitting the back of the intake valves. I am very happy with this. It is spraying straight down the runner and the pattern looks nice to me. I am sure there will be much better atomization under vacuum.

Take a look..... Latest test

Playlist I am compiling of the entire project.
The Bike - C14/GTR 1400 / Re: 2014 C14 replacing clutch
« Last post by jimmymac on Today at 11:46:21 am »
Mine sure lets out a moan sometimes. Always has I suppose.
Sometimes I launch that bike as hard as I can. Probably more often than you think.
Introductions / Re: Another new one from DFW
« Last post by Rob9876 on Today at 10:14:23 am »
Welcome to the forums, I love that blue!
ABS pump.  Separated the electrical from the mechanical.  Thought someone might like to see some pics.

The Bike - C14/GTR 1400 / Re: New C14 owner with Brake question
« Last post by Tree on Today at 08:38:08 am »
Welcome John! Congrats on the new/used ride.

The weight transfer to the front brake is normal if you release just the rear while braking like Maxtog said.

You are going to have so much fun tweaking this motorcycle and this forum is THE place to get answers.  Enjoy the ride.
Open Forum / Re: A thread about nothing at all....
« Last post by gPink on Today at 08:08:15 am »
Once upon a time in a land far away an individual could make a personal decision on what they like, dislike or even chose to care about without being accused of a hate crime.
I know you care deeply about my edification, so which of your recent personal decisions about likes and dislikes led to accusations of hate crime? Enquiring minds want to know.  8)
...and in said land a man was taught at an early age to not to concern himself with his neighbor's business unless it directly his personal right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. Unfortunately and obviously, and to the detriment of society, that lesson is no longer taught.
The Bike - C10 / Re: Fuel injection retrofit
« Last post by connie_rider on Today at 08:05:14 am »
On your progress,  looks great!

While your soaking the tank, throw a handful of small nuts in,,,,,   and shake the "XXX" out of it.
Will help dislodge the corrosion.
NOTE: Count the nuts before and after..
Are you going to do a sealer coating inside the tank after you get it clean?

On the brass nipple, maybe a "Home Depot", but best to find an old style hardware store.
{In Houston we have "Ace Hardware"}. They carry items that the large places like Home Depot don't...
They will have metal fittings like you need.
My guess; Something like a 1/8" NPT x 1/8" (or 1/4") hose nipple?

After you get thru soldering, I suggest a leak check to ensure that all is sealed.
Plug everything with rubber plugs/etc and do a bubble test with low pressure air.

Ride safe, Ted
For Sale / 2008 c14 items for sale
« Last post by wingit on Today at 08:01:24 am »
mirror is perfect, gloss black
topcase is excellent

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