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Re: The Future of th C14
« Reply #45 on: December 05, 2017, 11:33:21 pm »
What if...

Mama Kaw has been in the sport touring bidness since at least 1986. I hear they sold a modicum of Concours back then, maybe even at a gross profit over the 'limited' run of the bone stock/unchanged OEM Concours model. Who knows.

Then they tweaked the model in 1994, using off the shelf parts taken from other models... except for the fairing... and maybe the silly 16 and 18" wheels. I heard they sold a modicum of them too, probably at a slight profit. Who knows.

What if I said Mama Kaw might continue the Concours, in any iteration, just so they can maintain 'shelf space'. At their dealers as well as in the motorcycle community as a whole.

As an example I give you the cereal isle at your local store. You could also use the hot-dog isle if you wish. Certainly Post Grape Nuts sells, but is it their profit leader? I think not. Yet that one cereal gives Post additional "frontage", even though it may sell at a net loss.

I'm not in Marketing at mama K, I don't think any of are. The C-14 does sell, and I suspect it will continue to sell (sans Gubmint silly-assed regs) into the immediate future. Perhaps at a trivial loss to Mamma K.

Who knows ;)

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Re: The Future of th C14
« Reply #46 on: December 06, 2017, 05:50:58 pm »
Interesting/thanks, but 11 min video with very little info.  Mostly just someone riding it, saying it is fast and he likes it.   I guess we can't expect much this early.

This quote is telling:  "For sport touring, I think the only thing you are going to care about is the extra lighting, the heated grips, and color display..."  showing, he really doesn't know much about what many of us DO care about with sport touring, or he just didn't want to talk about what was missing....  C14- storage of full helmets in the panniers, rear rack (and ability for top box), shaft drive, large and electric windscreen, better range, larger fairings, longer wheelbase, passenger room, peg placement, warranty, grip height, tpms, glovebox.  For me, the only think I like on the H2SX over the C14, other than the power, are the cornering lights and cruise.

Would love to see a video review of the H2SX done by someone who rides and understands the C14.  Perhaps one will come.

You're really banging away on this bike, man. (Reminds me of a dude on Youtube that says the C14 isn't a sport tourer. He calls it a tourer, and says SD-GT, H2 SX, N1K are the REAL sport tourers.) This bike is 'essentially' a spruced up super charged, little more aggressive Ninja 1000. It's never tried to be a C14 replacement, and anyone who thinks such is fooling themselves. Hell, it shouldnt even be mentioned in the same sentence other than debating what a sport tourer is.

That said, despite the small sales figures of the sport touring niche, it is a BROAD category. I rate the C14 as a 'sport-TOURER' and the H2 SX as a SPORT-tourer (ala VFR800/N1K). No company builds a bike with optional hard luggage to just have the bike be 'standard.'

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Re: The Future of th C14
« Reply #47 on: December 06, 2017, 05:59:32 pm »
You're really banging away on this bike, man.

Only because it will most likely be the cause (or the signal) of the death of the Concours; it's so-called "replacement" in the eyes of Kawasaki and many others.  As a separate type of bike, the H2SX is just fine; more than fine, actually- it is great!  But for many people, it doesn't replace what the Concours brings to the table... and that is the motivation behind my "banging away at it."
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Re: The Future of th C14
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