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For Sale / Re: FS: 2000 Concours 1000 NE TN
« Last post by Charliedog on Today at 07:17:20 pm »
Yes.  The bags are on the bike in several of the photos.  The white tape stripes on the bags are over some scratches, are reflective and a little 'rough'.  I didn't realize the tape would be so brittle.

Thanks for the interest.
The Bike - C10 / Re: Fuel injection retrofit
« Last post by gPink on Today at 07:13:22 pm »
Open Forum / Re: Stupid is as stupid does
« Last post by gPink on Today at 07:06:43 pm »
Good safety tip. Don't post videos or other evidence of your criminal behavior on social media.  ;)

"here's a video of me an Jed robbing the bank..."
Need somebody to hold your beer?
Open Forum / Re: Word Association Game.
« Last post by gPink on Today at 07:04:08 pm »
Mine's still there too.
But I took the C-10 out for a ride..

Felt good to ride it too!

Ride safe, Ted
Just a reminder of where to find it guys:

In an effort to get us back on topic, I went into my garage and looked at my C14. It's still there.  :D

I ditched my post.

what did I do to my Concours today?
I bumped into it, getting to my workbench in the garage, to get some string. :'( ;D
all my 1/4" socket extensions are intact, in their respective kits.  ::)
carry on....
Saddlebag sold pending shipping info.
For Sale / Re: FS: 2000 Concours 1000 NE TN
« Last post by paulthibodeaux on Today at 04:19:59 pm »
Do you have the Saddle Bags?
For Sale / Re: FS: 2000 Concours 1000 NE TN Price drop.
« Last post by Charliedog on Today at 03:50:38 pm »
Bump for price drop.  Now asking $1600 OBO.  Added some info.

I have addressed some common areas of concern for an older Concours-the water pump, clutch push rod oil seal, and fuel petcock have been replaced with new, Kawasaki parts.  The junction box has been replaced with a re-manufactured/upgraded unit.

The tires on the bike are Dunlop Elite 4's, installed before I left for Salt Lake City, there's about 4000 miles on them.  Great tires.

Needing that left saddlebag.  Sending PM.


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