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The Bike - C10 / Re: Fuel injection retrofit
« Last post by gpineau on Today at 10:25:16 am »
The ECU is based on the Arduino micro-controller.  They control both the injectors and the spark and require feedback from the motor timing.

It requires either a sensor on a flywheel with one missing tooth or a once around signal on the camshaft to know when top dead center of cylinder 1 occurs.

Last time I looked inside the crankshaft cover it seemed pretty crowded. I don't think there is room for another sensor in there. 

Perhaps a magnet mounted on one of the cam sprockets would suffice.  More study is required.

Open Forum / Re: Hawaii votes to allow motorcycle shoulder passing
« Last post by Cholla on Today at 08:24:34 am »
How ya gonna pay for building m/c only lanes?
Ijf existing lanes are used now congestion gets worse.
Bike made it to the dealer fine this morning in mostly freeway traffic. Hovered between 3 and 4 bars on the temp scale, and I believe there is one more bar where the H is but I could be wrong. It was a good sign to see it piddle some coolant on the ground when I arrived which means there is still coolant in the radiator. Service manager should be calling me in about two hours. I hope to have him pay the labor to take the tupperware off, but I plan to pay for a radiator flush since it was due and it was my mistake not to request it while he was in there.
Introductions / Re: Didn't know what I was missing
« Last post by Rubber_Snake on Today at 08:13:36 am »
Congratualations!  Now go get the ECU reflashed already!  Haha. 

Welcome to the forum! 
Introductions / Re: Back on the Bike
« Last post by Rubber_Snake on Today at 08:10:46 am »
Welcome and congrats.  Excellent choice!  Lots of information here and helpful people.  Enjoy!
Introductions / Re: Back on the Bike
« Last post by Deziner on Today at 07:32:34 am »
Welcome and congratulations!
Wanted / WTB Corbin rear passenger seat for Connie 1400
« Last post by Sandylee on Today at 06:59:29 am »
Anyone have a Corbin rear seat not being used that they would sell? I have the front and the smuggler but now have a gal that likes to ride in more ways than one.
Introductions / Re: Back on the Bike
« Last post by Poseidon on Today at 05:59:19 am »
Welcome aboard! Congrats on the new Connie!
Introductions / Re: Back on the Bike
« Last post by gPink on Today at 05:32:19 am »
welcome to the forum
Introductions / Back on the Bike
« Last post by davygoat2 on Today at 05:27:58 am »
Hello Davy Here
Saw this and joined in
Been 5 years off a bike.
Glad to be back in the saddle
17 Kawi Concours 1400.
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