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Accessories and modifications - C14/GTR 1400 / Re: Sidestand shortening
« Last post by Runner on Today at 08:47:18 am »
Sure do appreciate all the responses and advice. As far as I could tell all the ZX14R stock dogbones were the same. I think the ones I bought were 2010 or so. With shipping I paid $13.00 for them. Very easy to install once I quit trying to reinvent the wheel. As for the centerstand, at 6'1" and 155 pounds, I promise you the rear wheel MUST be rolled up on a 2"x 6" board to pull it up. No big deal to me. As an old BMW Airhead rider we all had ride-off stands and carried a board in case of a flat.
I have an extra sidestand on the way, so will try the mod on that one. Don't really need a lot more lean, so will probably go the bend route.
Thanks again.
Open Forum / Re: huge Equifax data hack
« Last post by gPink on Today at 05:50:13 am »
shoulda coulda woulda
Open Forum / Re: huge Equifax data hack
« Last post by maxtog on Today at 05:40:34 am »
The original URL in the articles this thread pointed to are correct/real.  The problem is that it is a stupid, stupid, stupid domain name and LOOKS fake and it is easy for scammers to then register other variants of that name to fool people.

They should have used ONLY the main domain like this:
Open Forum / Re: The end of Cassini- Huygens
« Last post by Nosmo on Yesterday at 10:12:13 pm »
I'm excited about the implications of quantum entanglement. China claimed recently they had a successful experiment from earth to orbit. If it comes to pass that this technology can be made to transmit data, the implication for space exploration is fantastic. Instant communication with unlimited range implies VR space craft exploring the solar system. No idea if this will ever come to pass but it now seems possible.

So...I could go live on Mars and still get instant porn?  Sign me up!
Open Forum / Re: New Piston Driven Aircraft Speed Record Accomplished
« Last post by Rick Hall on Yesterday at 09:46:42 pm »
I wonder why no one appears to be designing and building a new airframe to have a pop at this?

Both the recent record holders have been modified WWII designs

(not taking anything away, just wondering)

Suspect a lot has to do with horsepower. I mean there's only so much you can get out of an IO-720, arguably the highest HP current crop of piston AVIATION engines out there.

The Pond Racer (mentioned above) was a VERY viable candidate, but it was a twin.

And then there's "Turbulence". A Lancair with a PT-6 'something' spooned in for power. Totally insane speeds, but it's a turbine. Sure cleans up in the SARL races though!

Accessories and modifications - C14/GTR 1400 / Re: Motorcycle Tunes
« Last post by Conniesaki on Yesterday at 07:55:38 pm »
Oh Yeah?!... well what about this then:

Of course it will only work for those that are smart enough to drill holes in their iPhone 7 to restore the headphone jack.

Fantastic!! This changes everything!
For Sale / Re: 2011 Concours For Sale
« Last post by Flip on Yesterday at 07:47:42 pm »
Still under warranty through 12/24/17.  Valve service recently completed.  This one's ready to go folks, and I'm ready to entertain offers.  Let's get this thing in someone else's garage where she can be loved and enjoyed!
The Bike - C14/GTR 1400 / Re: What did you do to your Concours today?
« Last post by mikeeitup on Yesterday at 03:04:12 pm »
Today, I added the Denali compact Sound Bomb and I'm happy with the results. I modified the horn bracket and mounted it there so the horn is still facing forward and out (didn't like the bracket you could buy to mount it facing the wrong way). We'll see if there are any issues at all and how long this thing lasts.
They will only replace your O-ring with the factory one, which WILL leak again, in very short order...
whoever told you the sensor "heat cycles from the exhaust warp the plastic of the sensor over time, eventually causing the seal to fail."
is a moron... and doesn't know squat about the OEM seal being too thin for the designed application...

The proof that MOB is 100% correct is that once the OEM o-ring is replaced with the thicker one now sold (very inexpensively) by Murph's Kits, the sensor does not ever leak again.  If this problem was due to warping of the sensor, the fix would not work as it's only the slightest bit thicker.

I've heard that newer C14's, and it must be newer than 2012 since mine had the problem too, don't seem to leak but it seems to be due to Kawasaki boring the sensor hole smaller vs. using a larger o-ring.  I've not actually measured one but it does make sense.
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