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Introductions / Re: Another new one from DFW
« Last post by Rubber_Snake on Today at 12:47:34 am »
Congrats!  I like that blue.  Lots of help and ideas here.  If you’re used to the power of an Electra Glide, ease yourself into the speed of this bike.  It’s a rocket and you can get over your head in seconds.  Most of all, have fun!
For Sale / Re: 2008 c14 items for sale
« Last post by connie14boy on Today at 12:11:51 am »
oem bar end weights  make offer
oem windscreen with laminar lip  $75
shad 46L top case, 2keys, passenger pad, attachment hardware $175
right side gloss black mirror $25
angel ride dvd disc set $25


Pls. send a photo of the right side mirror- will buy if in perfect condition only.
The Bike - C14/GTR 1400 / Re: New C14 owner with Brake question
« Last post by connie14boy on Yesterday at 11:56:04 pm »
Hello all,
I just purchased a 2009 Connie with ABS and like it very much. I have only ridden it home from the PO (120 miles) and my first impression is that it is a very sweet ride. There is one aspect that I am a little concerned about.
While braking I noticed that the front end of the bike dives slightly as I release  the rear brake pressure only.  Is that normal?
I have not yet adjusted any of the suspension settings from the original settings that the PO had set up.  I still have to register the bike.
Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Make sure you immediately change all the fluids in the bike to set a baseline for maintenance schedules. The brakes need flushing at least every 2 years along with the radiator, etc. I have a bulletproof 2009 C-14 and I prefer the independent ABS system (not linked) that it has- you can rip thru the mountain twisties and modulate speed with the rear brake and it 'settles' into the next corner w/o any fear of high-siding. Good luck and many safe miles to you.
Introductions / Another new one from DFW
« Last post by Tri-J on Yesterday at 11:49:17 pm »
Traded the Harley Electra Glide for a leftover '17 Concours today. What an awesome machine!
I used this site for a lot of research-so thanks!
I'll try for a pic. The top case is on order (along with a few other goodies!)
The Bike - C14/GTR 1400 / Re: New C14 owner with Brake question
« Last post by maxtog on Yesterday at 08:29:36 pm »
I have no love of linked brakes, but no great issue with them either.  ABS, on the other hand, I think it is an absolutely wonderful safety feature; well worth the price/complexity.
The Bike - C14/GTR 1400 / Re: New C14 owner with Brake question
« Last post by John Michiels on Yesterday at 07:05:38 pm »
Thanks for clarifying the brake system design Maxtog. Honestly I am glad to find out the brakes aren't linked. Im old school. My other bike is a 2003 Yamaha FZ1.  No ABS, no FI. I wasn't even sure I wanted ABS but I think that being a newby (to a bike this big) it might save my bacon if I have to do a panic stop before I learn the braking capabilities of this bike.  Once its registered I'll find a huge parking lot and find out if the ABS is working properly.  :)
Wanted / Re: Wanted - 2012 Concours 14 Right Saddlebag (Arabian Red)
« Last post by kxkhatam on Yesterday at 06:35:28 pm »
Yes, i'll keep looking at ebay should a complete set show up.
Wanted / Re: Wanted - 2012 Concours 14 Right Saddlebag (Arabian Red)
« Last post by Rubber_Snake on Yesterday at 06:33:39 pm »
One of my bags came off at about 20-25 mph, it was salvageable, but I remember looking around to see if could replace it inexpensively.  There is an aftermarket bag you could get for $400 (which ridiculous). The OEM replacement is obscene!  Usually, when I found them on eBay, they were almost always damaged.  I just paid a body shop to paint my original cover and left the rest of the bag scuffed.  Good luck.  Maybe someone replaced one of theirs that isn’t in too bad of shape.
The Bike - C10 / Re: Fuel injection retrofit
« Last post by gpineau on Yesterday at 06:23:31 pm »
After a few days of soaking in vinegar I dumped it out into a bucket through a paint filter. Got about a quarter pound of rusty chunks. Though that would hav ecleaned it up but when I looked inside I cant see any improvement. So I put it all back in and wait another week.

Meanwhile today was my day off. So after i finished shutteling my wife around to her appointments I had a little time to finish up the plenum.  I got the injectors mounted and the fuel rail plumbing finished. It looks a lot better than the plastic prototype. I have one more part to solder in but i cant find one. I need a small vacuum port to run a line from the plenum back to the fuel regulator.  All I can find locally are made of plastic. I am afraid it will snap off first time it is bumped. Preferably brass or steel.  ANYONE???

The injectors a centered in the throat of the runners about 1.75 inches from the runner opening and about 5.5 inches from the stem of the intake valve.  I imagine there is going to be a good mixing of fuel an air in the 5 inches.  Wish I had a window in the end to put a camera to.

Oh BTW. The acrylic tube i was using in my injector tester jig. After a few uses it cracked in a dozen pieces and fell apart. So next time use glass, not plastic.
Thank goodness I was finished with my testing.

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