OtP, 2011
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Bernd and Gie on their 2011 OtP (Over the Pond) adventure.
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It wouldn't be "the park" without an elk sighting, and these were 20' fromt he edge of the road. Not in the picture is the bull, six points.

A mile S. of the Alpine Visitors Center, that's Gie with his back to the camera.
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Aug 17, 2011
CO DOT had Berthoud Pass (the N side) closed down to one lane while they laid down asphalt veneer.

A wee bit bored, I ...
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Aug 17, 2011
We parked next to a FJR at the Alpine Visitors Center (RMNP) sporting a number plate from Belgium. Gie said the owner lived 100 miles from him. Small world  :)
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Aug 17, 2011
At lunch in Idaho Springs a fella from Dubuque, Iowa walks in with this shirt on. I couldn't help but think... ;)
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Aug 17, 2011
From Patrick Gallaway
In an email from Patrick Gallaway:

Triumphant arrival in Greenwich Village.
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Aug 07, 2011
From Patrick Gallaway
In an email from Patrick Gallaway:

They're in NYC. Having a beer in my backyard
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Aug 07, 2011
From Frank Hunt
In an email from Frank Hunt:

I took the travelers to Old Town Alexandria by way of the GW Parkway.  We went down the only cobblestone street in town.  We then went to DC and visited the air and space museum, it was starting to get hot.  After we finished our tour, I passed them off to Arthur and Ru…
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Aug 07, 2011
From Bob Dombrowe
Gie and Bernd are on their way to Washington DC.  Left about 08:44 this morning (Aug 6) and probably will get there about noon.  Temperatures have finally broken, only about 74 degrees here at the moment.  Looking like it might rain this afternoon.  They liked the Blue Ridge Parkway yesterday and bu…
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Aug 07, 2011
10 bikes
" 'Honest' Baum's Used Motorcycle Emporium".

Six scooters in the garage, four outside.

Quite the turnout to greet Bernd and Gie during their OtP ride.
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Aug 03, 2011
Beer 30
A few attendees.
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Aug 03, 2011
The "Grill Meister" at work
Chris Baum grilling the brats, corn, and burgers to  perfection.
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Aug 03, 2011
Bernd eating 'pig' food
Corn on the cob is not a popular food in the EU.
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Aug 03, 2011
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