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Various pix as I work the yoke.
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Dachau (11)
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Scans from slides my father took during his basic and advanced training during WWII.
Basic training was at Camp (fort) Livingston in LA, advanced training was at Camp…
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Slides from my fathers camera in 1949.
Football games at U of IL, Champain Urbana
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Rough River canard fly-in, 2012 version
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Two Air Force Officers were killed in a plane crash on Jule 27th, 1965 in the rugged mountains to the west of where I live.

It was a T-33A jet trainer, the pilot was…
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Bernd and Gie on their 2011 OtP (Over the Pond) adventure.
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Steve stops by Casa Hall on his way to Las Vegas, California, and other points west
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A few pictures from the 2011 Wrench and Wretch ride at Casa Hall

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Album to contain files...
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Pictures of the shifter mod from Murph
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Auburn WA to Maupin

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