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Title: VIDEO - Rode to Indy from Va. to see MotoGP 2013 - My Track Lap :)
Post by: brpo on September 06, 2013, 10:35:05 am
Fun run track lap at Indianapolis Motor Speedway during  the 2013 MotoGP races aboard a 2011 Kawasaki Concours. Note: go to  4:45 to skip the ride around the outside of the Brick Yard.

Beautiful day in Indianapolis and I'm trying to slow this experience down in my head and just soak it all in. I'm all smiles! :)

Whole weekend was a blast! I highly reccomend a trip to see these riders. BTW - The Concours behaved brilliantly!

MY Ride v

http://youtu.be/AqVJbZ8xbrQ (http://youtu.be/AqVJbZ8xbrQ)

Their ride around the Brick Yard V

http://youtu.be/dP8UZCs7Jtk (http://youtu.be/dP8UZCs7Jtk)