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Title: Stupid stupid stupid
Post by: Howard kelly on November 09, 2013, 08:34:38 am
I was out scouting a location for a photoshoot and jumped off my 14 to snap a picture. About the time i had my leg touching the ground i realied the ground under the kickstand was a giant houlder crack and the bike was falling.i cuhioned the low motion fall the best i could with my body, but alas, it fell. A i started to get up a car came down the road...a road in the santa monica mountain no one ever drives on....and the woamn driving say do you need some help. At thi point i had jut grabbed the bars to life the bike up and in one quick motion i was back on two wheels...with a slightly scared look on her face she say, oh ok you mut befine and drives away quickly.
Damages....left mirror, saddlebag lid, lower fairing and a pretty big black and blue mark on my knee.....ughhhhhh
Parts are replaced, i feel better
Title: Re: Stupid stupid stupid
Post by: Scaffolder on November 09, 2013, 09:04:29 am
That sucks. I just dropped my 2010 a little over a month ago. I made it to about 44,000 miles without a drop. Luckily just minor scratches.