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Title: Where did I put the keys
Post by: petepro on June 25, 2014, 05:13:17 pm
So today I started to swap out my exhaust header.   I picked one up that was pretty much brand new.  ( Thanks Rodney )   Being this is the first time taking all the tupperware off I got to it.  Service manual in hand I dug in and bagged and tagged all hardware in the process.

Plastic off, radiator off, old exhaust off.

Put the new exhaust on and the radiator back in place.

Grabbed the fob and started the bike. Awesome!

Quickly started putting things back on while this 40 something mind can remember how it came off.

All buttoned up I headed home from the garage I was working in.

Get home, unpack and in doing so realize that I shouldn't be able to take the key out when my jacket is inside.   Hmmmm  wonder where the key is?

Turns out it was right where I left it.  Under the plastic gas tank cover.   Yet more bolts to take out.

LOL - Lucky it was only three.  Neighbors must wonder about me sometimes.

Once again the service manual is the best money spent.  (besides the ext. warranty)

Happy Riding, Happy Wrenching!