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Title: Nov 2 Santa Cruz, CA Day of the Dead Ralley Vampires MC
Post by: Snype on September 17, 2014, 07:20:37 am
The Vampires MC is a motorcycle club with a 60 year history.  The current members ride a dynamic mix of machines, styles and terrain; I represent the long distance haulers.

It is a long standing tradition of the Vampires to honor fallen bikers by hosting The Day of the Dead Rally.  There will be a memorial where attendees may add a photo or remembrance of their loved one.  And in their honor, we will have a wonderful led ride through the Santa Cruz Mountains that will culminate at a BBQ.  The ride will be broken up into skill levels, so that the speed demons and the Sunday riders will feel very comfortable with the pace.

The BBQ is the unique showcase for this rally.  There, we will enjoy the camaraderie of the local biker community, while we sample the flavors of the Mystery animal.  It has been the tradition to cook unusual (and legal.. sorry no panda)animals.  In the past we have had: kangaroo, alligator, turtle, wild boar (the infamous Lord of the Flies year), crickets and many others.  So far we have not had to use an animal twice.

Best of all, the event is FREE as are all Vampire events!

For more information go to www.vampiresmc.com (http://www.vampiresmc.com)

I hope to meet some Connie owners there,