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Title: New 1250GS test ride
Post by: eng943 on December 18, 2018, 07:12:18 pm
This review is in context to owning a 2017 R1200RS with the 125 hp water cooled boxer.

The new boxer engine in this GS has the new shift cam heads/valvetrain, and the engine makes a claimed 136hp. This GS was fully loaded, and had the TFT display. Noteworthy features were CC, heated seat/grips/GPS Prep, shift assist pro, dynamic ESA, electronically adjustable ride height, dynamic abs pro. MSRP $22K. Not bad in in a world where the new Versys is $18K

The major difference in this new GS as opposed to last years bike is the engine.I'll start out by saying the last generation water cooled boxer is a great engine, and a decently quick bike. I rode this GS for about an hour through mountain, canyon roads as well as some freeway time. The added power is very noticeable in the mid to upper RPM range. Roll on performance is noticeably better with the new engine, and I can honestly say the GS is fast. Not quite test data Multistrada fast, but in the real world probably really close.

Rode my RS home, and noted that my RS felt a touch smoother, likely due to it having a few thousand miles on the clock. However, the new GS had a somewhat smoother/quiter transmission.

Will I dump my 17 RS for a new boxer? Maybe....if I decide to sell both the RS and C14 and just have a GS.


Title: Re: New 1250GS test ride
Post by: okrider on December 19, 2018, 07:30:59 am
I rode the '17 GSA for about 100 miles. I could never figure out how to shift smoothly with the quickshifter. Not sure why they put one on the GS either, the boxer is too raw to be able to shift smoothly via a computer. The fancy dash is cool but I thought it was way too busy and distracting.

My buddy who owns the bike also had a '11 GSA (air cooled 1200) with 60k miles and full Ohlins. It makes you really see how good Ohlins is compared to the 6 years newer stock suspension. The Ohlins was noticeably better than the stock '17 suspension.

Other than that, it's fine. I think even the stock GSA is too loud considering it's for road trips. The torque is nice. Super easy to power wheelie. Different strokes for different folks
Title: Re: New 1250GS test ride
Post by: eng943 on December 19, 2018, 07:11:57 pm
My '17 RS has the quick shifter and rider pro. It's smooth as butter.

Funny you mention a GS with Ohlins. I went riding last week with a couple BMW guys, one of which was on a GS with Ohlins, and I had the C14. They left me in the dust in the tight corners, where a C14 on stock tires and suspension really can't come close to the handling of a GS, especially one wearing Ohlins.