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Title: Sergent or Saddlemen Explorer RS
Post by: wildnphx on October 09, 2019, 12:35:06 pm
Time to replace oem seat and I found a decent deal for used Sergent and a like-new Saddleman RS.   Any opinions or thoughts on one vs the other from people with experience with them?
Title: Re: Sergent or Saddlemen Explorer RS
Post by: Dan Forker on October 09, 2019, 03:01:40 pm
I have never had a Sergent seat so I can't help there but I did briefly have a Saddlemen Explorer RS. By briefly, I mean I ordered the seat and when it arrived installed it, sat on it and immediately returned it. I ordered the seat with a heated front portion and the factory wiring was just a mess. Hard to describe. But the biggest problem was that the seat was so low and so crowded forward that I could barely get in to the seat let alone ride the bike with that seat. Also, the fit to the bike was unacceptable and it just wasn't proportioned right to install on the bike. That experience may just be an isolated thing. The best thing would be to sit on the seat you intend to purchase before you are committed. No two seats or rear ends are the same.

Title: Re: Sergent or Saddlemen Explorer RS
Post by: maxtog on October 09, 2019, 04:23:19 pm
Sargent World seats are nice, although a little on the hard side.  The "low" version is even harder- only consider that version (know what you are getting!!!) if you *must* have the lowest seat made for the Concours (it is what I have).  The heater is very powerful.  The pod version (what I have) is great extra storage that also looks great.  The fit is good, although getting it on and off is difficult.
Title: Re: Sergent or Saddlemen Explorer RS
Post by: Jethrobolas on May 04, 2020, 08:26:19 pm
Momma and I loved the Sargent low cut that came on the bike so much, I gutted it, cut the pan, stuffed it with sunmate foam, topped it with more sunmate,  and am finishing up the major shape work before I slap a 1/2" of pudgee on top of that.
Done the "send it out to a reputable vendor, pay $400, and hope for the best" thing already with the vmax. Provided my current seat rebuild turns out well, I will be tearing out the (in my mind's eye) used couch foam in the Yamaha that I paid all that money for. Perhaps after the season ends here, should have enough seat time on my Connie saddle build to decide if I can do better on the max. I imagine it would be a much simpler seat to redo from the pan up, whole thing with new, proper foams.
Title: Re: Sergent or Saddlemen Explorer RS
Post by: Jethrobolas on May 04, 2020, 08:30:46 pm
Pretty sure I'm going to need to have the upholstery man extend the bottom of my seat cover a couple inches to accommodate the upgrades. Hopefully no more sliding to the tank and sitting on my grapes.
Title: Re: Sergent or Saddlemen Explorer RS
Post by: jimboni on May 21, 2020, 04:51:46 pm
My new 12 came with a Sargent. First one for me, but I have 150k on Russell Day Long and Bill Mayer seats, so my butt knows a nice seat. I don't mind this Sargent to be honest. Firm but nice shape. A bit slick but not a big deal after leveling. Throw a Airhawk on it and doubt I'll need another Russell. That said, the Sargent slopes forward a bit. Leveling required: I turned the seat upside down and trimmed the rubber bumpers 1/4" in back, half that in the middle, and added a 1/8 to 1/4" shim in the very front on the frame where the front seat bumpers touch. Perfectly level now and I think a keeper.