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Title: Rearended at Stop Sign
Post by: CB Schmaltz on April 24, 2020, 10:58:17 am
out with my wife. shes a novice. at a stop sign she bumped my rear end just as I picked up my right foot to start going and...... down I went. luckly had some mototechnik sliders and they took most of the hit. BUT they did crack at mounting plate , lowering footpeg brackit broke, and the mirror got a little rash but some bondo and color rite ...now you cant tell from 3 feet away. ordering anothe plate for the slider today.  the bummer is I cant find another set of genmar style lowering brakets that use the stock foot pegs. the nice thing about them was you could use the stock pegs w/o the rubber and get them even lower for more leg room.  Im just too tall with old knees. anyone know where I guy can find some brackets like that, searching the interweb has turned up nothing. is genmar out of bussines.  took ten years to drop my C14 hope its the last time.