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Title: Rear Suspension Bushings
Post by: Boomer343 on May 14, 2011, 04:05:13 pm
A little background....the needle bearings and seals are Kawasaki exclusive. The needle bearings tend to cut into the soft shaft of the bolts and then start to bind. If you replace the bearings and the shaft is rough you haven't solved the problem.

The solution as pointed out to me by T Cro is to replace the needle brearings with solid bushings. He suggested this company... www.lm-tarbell.com (http://www.lm-tarbell.com)
and I also found .... http://ametric.com/ (http://ametric.com/)

ametric has a web based store that you can directly order from. They are less expensive than lm-tarbell

You will need 3 of 20mmx27mmx16mm  and 2 of 20mmx27mmx32mm     ID/OD/Length

At the end of the day Canadian shipping and brokerage ran these from a $20 purchase from Ametric to $90 so I had a retired fellow I know that has a  machine shop in his garage turn these for me.

Looks to be a winner in the fit and function departments.
Title: Re: Rear Suspension Bushings
Post by: DeansZG on May 15, 2011, 07:22:14 am
 Yep, T-Cro did his homework on that one. Me, I just change the stuff without remembering to document what I did( with the exception of my recent C14 shock conversion ;D).
 Oh, I did notice some VERY MINIMAL galling on the bearing area of the bolt surface, but I guess that was expected after 130+k miles on it....  And, I did change the grease zerks out right after I purchased the bike new to allow a fresh shot of grease at EVERY oil change! ::)
Title: Re: Rear Suspension Bushings
Post by: enim57 on May 18, 2011, 01:35:35 am
I think I started this mod years ago when I machined my own, unfortunately the sizes required can't be commercially bought here. If anybody is interested I still have the drawing and removal/fitting instructions.

Regards, Russell
Title: Re: Rear Suspension Bushings
Post by: T Cro ® on May 18, 2011, 04:54:39 am
I don't know if you was the first but for sure I followed your lead to which I found a local source here in the USA for the bushing; to which I could not be more pleased with the results as the rear suspension moves smoothly with no creaks, groans, or notchiness whatsoever.

Website: WWW.LM-TARBELL.COM (http://WWW.LM-TARBELL.COM) Email: patrick@lm76.com
These are the Bushing sizes needed:
20 mm ID x 27 mm OD x 16 mm Length @ $5.46 each x 3 = 16.38
20 mm ID x 27 mm OD x 32 mm Length @ $9.98 each x 2 = 19.96