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Title: My nephew did it first!!!
Post by: tweeter55 on February 16, 2012, 01:35:18 pm
My 06 Connie went down with my nephew driving it & it had less than 500 miles on it. We swapped rides (he had an 883 at the time) & I rouinded a street corne just in time to see it go down 3 bikes in front of me. His foot slipped on some fresh mowed grass alongside a curb & with a mostly full tank of fuel, it got too far over too quickly & he had to bail off before it wrenched/broke his ankle. He was pissed putting it lightly & started apologizing even before he got up off the ground. We went over, picked up the bike, folded the mirror back out (thanks Kawi!!) checked it over. 1 small scuff on the mirror, 1 small scuff on the wind deflector, & one small scuff on the bag. I told him if it made him feel any better I could go over & kick his 883 over. He didn't take me up on that. About 7 months later I found out how top heavy it can be if you hit your front brake while slooowly turning a corner in the parking lot.