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Title: SENA SMH10 Alert!
Post by: VirginiaJim on April 20, 2012, 07:50:52 am
Sena has extended the trade in program on all the older SMH10 non-firmware upgradeable units.....

  1) If you are a user from North America, then please contact SENA support by the following ways. They will take care of you anyway.
email: support@senabluetooth.com or phone: 408-448-1997
2) If you are a user from other countries, please ask it to your local retailers or contact us by sales@senabluetooth.com. April 18, 2012 22:52.
This is from a SENA forum post...

http://support.senabluetooth.com/entries/20824692 (http://support.senabluetooth.com/entries/20824692)

Please also refer to this thread in the C14 Wiki area..

http://www.zggtr.org/index.php?topic=2169.0 (http://www.zggtr.org/index.php?topic=2169.0)

Update:  Sena is offering an upgrade, but at $119, not the $49 that was offered last summer.  I guess that if you are purchasing these units you need to make sure that they are 'B' units that have upgradeable firmware and not the older first generations that can't be upgraded.
Title: Re: SENA SMH10 Alert!
Post by: AlexRT on April 20, 2012, 08:44:22 am
That is very nice of Sena to do!  The USB port allows all the unit to stay up to date with the latest upgrades for free.  The latest version of firmware even upgraded the Bluetooth to version 3.0 and now allows up to four-way conference intercom.  http://www.senabluetooth.com/contact/notice_20120402_1.php (http://www.senabluetooth.com/contact/notice_20120402_1.php)

I know that would of been extremely usefuly when my wife, brother and sistere traveled around for 2 weeks last year together.  We had to make sticky notes to rememer who was paired with which device.
Title: Re: SENA SMH10 Alert!
Post by: AlexRT on April 26, 2012, 08:52:46 am
I turned my brother on to this deal and he is working with Sena.  Apparently they are forcing him to pay $120 for the new unit.  Heck I'm a reseller of all the Sena stuff and sell them new for just a few $ more than that after the forum discount. 

Post up if you have been able to get this $50 upgrade option lately.  I would be interested if they are honoring the option.

Title: Re: SENA SMH10 Alert!
Post by: VirginiaJim on April 26, 2012, 09:00:55 am
I've seen feedback on the Sena forum that customers are having difficulty in getting this offer.  Other than that, it's all I know.  I did mine last summer when the official upgrade was out.  Maybe they're doing this on an individual basis.
Title: Re: SENA SMH10 Alert!
Post by: Icon on April 30, 2012, 05:12:17 am
Sent my Sena's in for repair and inquired about the upgrade option.  Was told that I could upgrade for $119 for each headset!  I made a plea for the $49 deal but was flatly told that the only upgrade is $119.  I agree with AlexRT, not really worth it.  Just buy a new set for a few bucks more and sell (or keep) the old ones.