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Title: Roommate has been found to split the cost of a room in Eureka Springs next week
Post by: COG-528 on June 04, 2012, 02:29:02 pm
(http://freeemoticonsandsmileys.com/pictures/displaypictures/Cartoon%20Avatar/help%20coyote.jpg)  My roommate for the No Bad Roads rally in Eureka Springs next week, Outback Jon (http://forum.cog-online.org/index.php?action=dlattach;attach=496;type=avatar), has had to withdraw at the last minute and if I can't find someone to share the cost of our room at the Joy Motel (http://www.thejoymotel.com/) I may have to withdraw too! (http://forum.cog-online.org/Smileys/FantasticSmileys/sad.gif)

I'm across the street from Rally Central at the Joy Motel.  Downstairs room.  Check-in on 6/10 (Sunday), check-out on 6/15 (Friday).  Splitting the cost comes to $125 + tax each for the week.  (5 nights @ $49/night)

Fair warning:  I snore!  But I wear earplugs, so I don't care if you do, too. 

Although Jon had the room starting on Sunday, 6/10, I was not going to arrive in Eureka Springs until Monday, 6/11.  So I will be reducing the number of reservation days to four nights unless I find a roommate who wants the room for Sunday night. 

Just $25/night to stay right across from rally central at the Joy Motel (http://www.thejoymotel.com/) which has a fire pit (http://forum.cog-online.org/Smileys/FantasticSmileys/camp-fire-smiley.gif) for sitting around in the evening bench racing while toasting marshmallows (http://i717.photobucket.com/albums/ww173/prestonjjrtr/Smileys/Camp.gif) and enjoying adult  :chugbeer: beverages.  You won't get that at rally central or most any other motel in town.  The room price also includes a pancake (http://www.smileysnetwork.com/manger/manger02.gif) breakfast everyday.  At this price it makes camping (http://gifwelt.info/wp-content/uploads/s-outdoor-giebelzelt01.gif) seem down right extravagant!

So please email (maldea@cablevision.com) me or give me a call (201+233+xxxx) right away to take advantage of this great opportunity.  I have to settle this by Wednesday night if I'm still going to attend the rally.

I'm happy to report that SteveJ., one of the Floriduh Steves, will be sharing our frugal room at the Joy Motel. (http://forum.cog-online.org/Smileys/FantasticSmileys/cool.gif)
Title: Re: HELP!!! Need roommate to split the cost of a room in Eureka Springs next week
Post by: SteveJ. on June 04, 2012, 05:26:32 pm
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