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The Bike - C10 / Re: Racing
« Last post by gpineau on Today at 07:38:37 pm »
could be throttle cables. When does it happen? Between gears ? or after you release the clutch?
The Bike - C10 / Re: Racing
« Last post by tweeter55 on Today at 07:23:51 pm »

How about the throttle cables?
The Bike - C10 / Re: Racing
« Last post by gpineau on Today at 07:13:13 pm »
Not cables, its a hydraulic clutch.
When you release the clutch slowly where does is start to grab?
The Bike - C14/GTR 1400 / Re: Soft clutch 4-5 upshift only
« Last post by Freddy on Today at 06:27:15 pm »
 :yikes:   :thumbs:   :chugbeer:
Rides and Stories / Re: Headed to jackson wy from northern wi
« Last post by fartymarty on Today at 01:34:52 pm »
Seems like a good time to get that Saddlesore 1000 out of the way if you haven't already.
 You'll be able to ride your own ride which usually can make the trip safer*, because you will be able to throw in the towel easier if you decide it's safer to stop without disappointing the co-rider(s).

* to be clear, I've never done a Saddle sore 1000,  but I do have a plan for September so I can salvage something from this covid event cancelling season.  :'(
I just so happen to have a rebuilt pump (new filter) sitting on the shelf in the garage..looking for a good home.
Rides and Stories / Re: Headed to jackson wy from northern wi
« Last post by VirginiaJim on Today at 01:20:12 pm »
Sounds like fun!  Be safe out there.
Thanks pinkie!

I went through those instructions and decided that I'm just going to run fuel system cleaner through mine occasionally until I get the symptoms and am forced to do the replacement.
 It's not the work so much that is off putting, but rather having all those rags semi soaked with fuel and with my luck I'd end up with no garage, and no bikes(or melted ones), and maybe even no me.
I haven't heard of anyone being stranded because of a dirty filter, but rather just not having full performance when requested. Although there are some on here or perhaps it's the other
forum that swear one is lugging the engine if you don't keep it above 4000 rpm at all times, both I and more importantly Mama Kaw' would disagree, so I think I can get home OK without
ever going over 5000 rpm if I need to.

It sure got me Jonesin for that green colored bike though.
I often wonder if the situation were reversed and I had the green one and the Candy Neptune Blue were only available in Europe if I'd want the blue one instead?
...Nah..... I wish I had a metal flake green C14, I'm just too cheap to paint mine (or rather too cheap to pay someone that would do the job properly).
Rides and Stories / Headed to jackson wy from northern wi
« Last post by 98cummins on Today at 12:19:05 pm »
Every year me and a group of guys go for a ride and this year because of Covid and work nobody else is going I’m headed to Jackson Wyoming from Eagle River Wisconsin on 15 August and if anybody wants to do a ride let me know I am on a 19 concours
Thanks.  You get one get out of jail card free...and a cookie.
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