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The Bike - C14/GTR 1400 / Re: 2021 Concours?
« Last post by blue72beetle on July 13, 2020, 03:05:18 pm »
Unless they're just guessing, this appears to list it for 2021:
The Bike - C14/GTR 1400 / Re: Poll- unusual voltage/kipass issues
« Last post by B.D.F. on July 13, 2020, 02:59:47 pm »
Been a very long time since we have had an 'I like KiPass' / 'I hate Kipass' thread (regardless of the actual wording used on this survey). I kinda' miss it..... :'( The image of so many riders beating the $*!( out of their ign. switch housings with a rock has always brought me a great deal of amusement, especially when they are trying to 'fix' a flat tire or a missing saddle bag or similar.

Somewhere out there, Ole' Bob has had a shiver go up his spine when this thread was posted.  :rotflmao:

The Bike - C14/GTR 1400 / Re: 2021 Concours?
« Last post by B.D.F. on July 13, 2020, 02:50:55 pm »
The Kawasaki US site but..... maybe I made a mistake.

I was looking at the new line-up for 2021, then hit the 'all models' button and on that page it clearly listed both the ZX and C-14's. Now, going back and looking again, 'all models' lists both 2020 and 2021 models and the only way to tell which ones are the next year, 2021, is to read the actual year under each model. Both the 1400's are listed as '2020' so, I think I was looking at all the 'new models' without realizing that I was looking at a mix of two model years. As the kids say, my bad.

I was quite surprised when I (thought) I saw them listed as 2021 models. Have been under the same impression as everyone else seems to be- that Kawasaki will be dropping these bikes from the next year due to emissions requirements. And after revisiting my original sequence of discovery, there is nothing that does indicate the 1400 cc models will continue on after 2020.

Sorry about that folks, I did not mean to spread falsehoods or get anyone's hopes up.


Major topic change (from the thread I am pulling your quote)- worthy of another thread....

Where are you seeing this information?  It is not on Kawasaki's USA or Canada web sites (as of right now).  The extensive searches I have tried have found nothing usable, as well.
The Bike - C14/GTR 1400 / Can anyone use my old keyfob spare keys?
« Last post by tjhess74 on July 13, 2020, 11:59:17 am »
I don't know if Kawi duplicated some of the key cut codes throughout our bikes lifespan, but if they have, and you have the matching code, I will send you the key for free. To prevent confusion, I'm referring to the plastic head key that slides into the keyfob, not the actual fob itself (I'm not that generous! ;D )

My ignition has been changed twice and one of the saddlebag latches was replaced years go, so I had no less than 4 key combinations to access my bike (one for each saddlebag, one for the helmet lock/gascap, and the stove top key).  Today, I changed all of that. I took every key cylinder, including the saddlebag cylinders (which required a complete tear down of the latch assembly and drilling rivets), and I am happy to say that one key will do everything I need. It was not a fun job, but I'm glad I did it.

I have two different fob spare keys, one is A132443 and the other is A124322. If you have a match, let me know.  If Kawi gave each bike unique key codes, then please let me know that too and I will toss the keys.  Thank you and good luck!

EDIT: My bike is an '08. The key part number changed in '10, but I don't know what actually changed. I will defer that knowledge to the C14 masters in this group.
The Bike - C14/GTR 1400 / Re: 2021 Concours?
« Last post by blue72beetle on July 13, 2020, 10:15:36 am »
Would be hilarious if it was Silverdammit
Open Forum / Re: I'm Rich, I'm Rich, I'm Going To Be FILTHY RICH!!!
« Last post by tweeter55 on July 13, 2020, 09:47:31 am »
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Esquire. Gotta be legit, yes?
For Sale / Re: Wedges for sale
« Last post by jimboni on July 13, 2020, 08:37:58 am »
I'll consider worthy trades such as a nice whiskey or cigar, valuable advice, or empowering accolades.
The Bike - C14/GTR 1400 / Re: Poll- unusual voltage/kipass issues
« Last post by Conrad on July 13, 2020, 06:50:19 am »
No issues for me in 7+ years (11+ actually) with my C14. I remove my battery during the winter months and the only issue that I ever had with it, other than mice in the battery compartment, was a nasty corroded negative battery post on the OEM battery. I replaced it, no problems since that issue. 

Motobatt is what I replaced the OEM battery with with, back in 2015.
It's not a Concours - other Bikes / Re: Tenere Clutch Wear
« Last post by SmokinRZ on July 13, 2020, 06:19:09 am »
Have you lubed the gear shift pivot?  When these dry out down shifts become tricky.  Just pop it off and pack with grease.  Some guys fit grease nipples.

Done my one twice in around 40,000km.

Yes, forgot to mention that.  Shifter shaft cleaned and lubed.   My buddy had his stick so bad it quit shifting while we were in Utah.  For about 12 hours we though the trip was over until I put some motor oil on the shifter.   
The Bike - C14/GTR 1400 / Re: Poll- unusual voltage/kipass issues
« Last post by Boomer on July 13, 2020, 01:49:56 am »
I've never had an issue, but after hearing various peoples issues I modified my earth connections by adding a copper crush washer between the battery cable and the frame. I then smeared it all in silicone grease to prevent corrosion. My Motobatt battery terminals are brass so not worried about those.  ;D
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