Author Topic: Full Systems, Canisters, and Everything In-between  (Read 4289 times)

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Full Systems, Canisters, and Everything In-between
« on: May 23, 2011, 11:30:29 pm »
The following is what I found for the Concours. There may be other systems but this was all I could find:


Staintune (AU):
Staintune makes mufflers and collector pipes for the Concours:

Motad (UK):
(downpipes / crossover / canisters) (GTR1000)
N-eta Series:
GTR1000 Complete system
GTR1000 Pair of Silencers
GTR1000 Pipes & Collectors

Predator (UK)
(downpipes & crossover as well as canisters)

Rivco Mufflers:

FYEX (OEM canisters covers):

Concours/Ontario 4-1 System by Jim Snyder.

Modified OEM Canisters:

Kawasaki ZX10 Canisters:

Hayabusa Canisters:

Check with Jardine, Supertrapp, Kerker, D&D. It's possible that any slipons for the Ninja1000R, ZX10, or ZX11 might fit the Concours with some modifications to the mounting tabs or brackets. I've seen Concours with exhaust canisters not specified for the bike but it's strictly DIY. Changing to non-Concours specific pipes is harder but anything is possible with enough blood, sweat, and money.

Ceramic Coatings:
If you want to improve the performance and appearance of the original pipes there are several ceramic coatings available. The coating improves the thermal efficiency of the exhaust system, the cylinder scavenging, and cuts the under fairing temperature.

PS: Cobra is out of the Sport Bike/Sport Tour market now. They only make Tourer and Cruiser exhaust now.