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Another one dropped
« on: October 29, 2012, 11:11:57 am »
I have been working on a broken, bowed sewermain all week at my house.  About 25 feet need to be replaced.  Had to disassemble the deck to get to it first, then dig up a 25 foot gutter drain pipe that was installed incorrectly also (no outlet, just buried with holes in the bottom).  I think this is what caused all of the problems (been going on since spring).  So I have been digging by hand all week a trench about 2 feet wide by three feet deep after work each night.  My neighbor (plumber) was going to check out everything before I close it up on Friday.  At 7:30 on Thursday night, I'm beat, and realize I need 1 more coupling to make everything work and connect right.  So, out to the garage I go to ride the bike to Lowes to get it.

I said I was beat right?

So I get on the bike to roll it out.  My garage is a slight uphill to get out of, and then I roll to the left so then I can go out the drive way once I start her up.  I have to use the front brake, compress the suspension, then bounce/roll back as it does.  I do this about 10 times each time I leave the garage.  No big deal.  I said I was beat right?

As i'm just cresting the edge to roll out onto a slight down grade from slab to asphalt, the bike just pitches to the right even though I'm trying to lean it to the left.  WTF?  She weights more than me.

I forgot to put the kickstand up.

We have a very brief discussion on how I am gently going to lay her over, as she decides to crash to the ground.  The side cases aren't on either (maybe a blessing).  She falls completely on her side.  I had to walk to my neighbors house to have him help me stand her back up.  I took a no-flash picture before we got her up and brightened it up some.

Nothing is really broke, a few drops of oil were under her this morning (happened a few days ago).  Probably came out the breather.  Oil level still looks right.  The mirror folded in and I ground the foot peg tab off last year (just in case).  A tiny scuff on the muffler (but the tab may be bent a little).  I haven't started her yet.  I decided to take the pick-up to the store that night.  Here she is (and my project):
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