Author Topic: Need to mount my Garmin 220 and pull some power  (Read 3014 times)

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Need to mount my Garmin 220 and pull some power
« on: January 31, 2013, 10:24:18 am »
I just got a 2012 C14  recently and am in the process of farkling it up in advance of a 3k trip down to the Austin MotoGP/Texas Hill Country with 9 friends and my brother. Might be fun?

My Garmin 220 came with 2 power sources, a cig lighter jack and a thing with the Mini-USB on one end and 2 bare wires on the other, with some little inch square box in the middle.  I used that on my FZ1 to wire it into switched power and now don't have one. I plan on hooking my radar detector with a cig lighter input  so that port will be taken up on the right side.  So now I have to get another of those "Mini_USB on one end, bare red and black wires on the other end" and hook it on the acc port up front, once I find it.

My question is this:  Should I attempt to buy that component from Garmin or buy the one I have seen somebody link to, some aftermarket outfit?  I saw the link to the aftermarket outfit a while back, I may have it bookmarked at home but am at work.

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