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« on: June 29, 2011, 05:00:58 pm »
Interesting First Ride   

While riding in Northern Ontario, on a windless day, no Beavers or loggers in sight, a large tree fell across  the road in front me, just as I rode by. ABS brakes worked flawlessly.
The next day I was scouting for a new camping spot  in Butt F---   nowhere , when this sideroad I took, suddenly narowed, then went up sharply, then took a sharp 90 degree turn up. WOW.  I panicked and throttled,   KTRC  kicked in . No wheel spin,I would have dumped the bike had not been for KTRC.

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It certainly has it's moments, when it's great to have.  I'm getting closer to calling the C14 a dual sport.  ;)

I just wish it would know not to engage when I'm shifting up to 2nd, during full throttle acceleration.  So what if the front tire comes up, don't slam me into the bars please (ouch)...
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