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Awesome experience with a Vendor Racer Parts Wholesale
« on: March 23, 2013, 02:42:21 pm »
I recently bought  a little over $100 worth of Merchandise from Racer Parts Wholesale.
I was probably up late at night ordering stuff and I placed an order. I received a response the next day one of the parts was backordered and would be in shortly. They informed me of shipping/tracking info. typical transaction except I ordered a key part wrong, not because I didn't know what I needed  I just goofed.. I sent an email the next day saying I have the wrong part, I don't know if I ordered wrong or you shipped wrong but either way I would like the new part. They emailed me back and confirmed what I wanted and gave me an RMA to
return the wrong  product which I did. I offered to pay for restocking, reshipping or whatever was needed. I did NOT receive an answer
but in todays mail I received the part by priority mail. the invoice shows the exchange of products, no charge for shipping, restocking and they did NOT wait for product to be received to ship correct product. also my account shows a $4.00 credit for the difference in the parts.
It is really refreshing to have a company take care of their customers so well  and they ate the shipping on the new part.
If you havent shopped there yet. I highly recommend them for products, pricing, and awesome customer service.