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New model Honda
« on: March 31, 2013, 09:12:16 pm »
Over the years, Honda has come out with some innovative and complex ideas. Torsion bar valves on the '68 CB450, oil pressure driven valves on the '83 650 NightHawk that need no adjustment, oval pistons, 3 and 4 valve heads, and a 2 stage 10 speed internal transmission (2 x 5) on the CB900 Custom.

This year is no exception, Honda has really done something different for motorcycle transmissions. They've taken the chain derailleur idea from the bicycle and elegantly applied it to a motorcycle. 2 sprockets in the front and 6 in the rear, for a total of 12 speeds. Moreover, it's automatic.

The actual derailling is done by hydraulic cylinders, front and back, using engine oil pressure to drive ratchet mechanisms to shift either up or down.

Moreover, shifting is automatic, based on engine and road speed sensors. The most amazing thing is the shift from 6th (small front sprocket, large back) to 7th (large front, small back), which is accompanied by a cacaphony of mechanical clicking that is music to a motorcyclist's ears. Other shifts are more conventional.

All manner of design effort has gone into this transmission idea. For example, the O-ring chain had to be redesigned to flex enough for sprocket misalignment, while still delivering high horsepower. Safety measures were needed to prevent chain undershoot into the wheel or overshoot into the leg. The rear derailleur takes up slack just like a bicycle, so no more chain tension adjustments.

Finally, chain oiling is also automatic. The hydraulic cylinders dribble out a controlled amount of oil on each shift which keeps this collection of whirring chains and sprockets happy.

So forget Kawasaki, head on down to your Honda dealer today. Just ask their friendly salesman for the model with the new external chain transmission. I believe the marketing name is 'Derailleur'. He may pretend not know about it himself, just keep pressuring him, don't let him derail you.
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Re: New model Honda
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Lessee....what is the date today...?
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