Author Topic: a couple questions for a concours guru ?  (Read 11232 times)

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Re: a couple questions for a concours guru ?
« Reply #30 on: September 07, 2013, 11:00:36 pm »
Well well...  I see the GANG is all here.  And I am, of course, surprised, by that!  No, really - I never expected it...

Now you are telling ME how my bike runs, without ever having seen it...  You are telling me my carbs are not clean, without ever having seem them...  Indeed, you do know a lot - an AWFUL lot.  The Russians are experimenting with remote viewing.  Looks like they found their guys!

You may not know it, but I do time travel :)  I can go back to the night you cats (and I have trouble with this next word) THOUGHT all this up.

(The screen fades to black, then comes back in sepia tone.  A bunch of drunken, stupid rednecks sit around a table, sniffing glue, and quaffing brew...)

"...Hey, ya know, this new internet thing... we just might be able to use it, to get more business for the shop."


"No, really.  We will go onto these... forum things, and we will take them over!  We will be the experts, on the concours bike.  We will convince Mr. Rich Business Man that he needs to... have his carbs rebuilt..."

He is interrupted  "Naw.  All they gotta do is put some sea foam in the tank."

"Well, yeah, but THEY don't know that!  We'll con the little coins, right of their pockets.  We'll go to all the rallies and we'll act like the goodest 'ol boys, that ever was.  We'll give some stuff to the club, every once in a while and, after they're BOUGHT, they won't give us any trouble...  LISTEN - we can end up OWNING the place and make a lot of money, at the same time!"

And you are right.  W.C. fields was right, too, when he said, "There's a SUCKER, born every minute."

The thing that just might be beyond your meager abilities is, there are intelligent people, watching this; people who can actually put 2 and 2 together, and get 4.  And that's about all it takes, in this case!  Your choices and actions seem illogical, UNTIL your motives are deduced .)  And that takes about 0 minutes - roflmao!

No, really - I am a bad, BAD man, and I slander these... fine, upright gentlemen, because...  uh, what's in it for me?  And they gang up on me, whenever I make the slightest peep, because... well, because I am raining, on their parade; because I'm saying things like "I cleaned the carbs on the bike and now they work great" and they can't HAVE that...

Every tough guy finds out there is somebody tougher, real quick.  And every con artist finds someone their line of BS does not convince.  So be good sports about it, guys - after all, nobody bats a thousand and there will always be a bazillion stupid people, for you to prey upon.

Oh, and I didn't set you up.  Seriously.  I would never do that.  It just HAPPENED this way...

But, no matter - all you gotta do is have one of your droogs to delete this post and your "secret" ROFLMAO! will be safe...

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Re: a couple questions for a concours guru ?
« Reply #31 on: September 08, 2013, 12:12:02 am »
Alphonzo, you're 'WAY off here. I have no affiliations with anyone on this board, and came here when I bought my Concours a couple of years ago, and asked questions just like you did, and got some answers that helped me out tremendously....there are always going to be answers you get that won't fit your game plan, but you just pass those by and get along with the general population, just like in everyday life...throwing inflammatory statements out there like you did just guarantees that nobody will ever even click on a thread that has your name attached...
We're not here to argue and flame each other, we're here to try to help each other with the best knowledge we can come up with for each situation...
Hope you read this and absorb it with the same attitude I'm typing it in...trying to smooth the rough waters that have been stirred up...

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Re: a couple questions for a concours guru ?
« Reply #32 on: September 08, 2013, 12:46:06 am »
Of course I am, Timmers.  And as long as you don't look a gift horse in the mouth, so shall I remain :)

As for my part, it's time I finally grew up.  Why should I help IDIOTS?  If God did not grant them the tools, and/or the will to help themselves, who am I to interfere?

If you can not follow the logic in my post, it is because you do not want to do so.

It seems to me that life is filled, to overflowing, with choices between doing what feels good, and doing what works.  For those that choose the former, there is little hope.

Your bike will, no doubt, run well when you pay Steve $300 (+ shipping, 2 ways) to do your carbs.  And you will have the overflow tubes, as well.  The fact that you MIGHT be able to get the same thing, minus the tubes, for a $9 investment in a can of sea foam needs to be mentioned, as well. 


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Re: a couple questions for a concours guru ?
« Reply #33 on: September 08, 2013, 01:37:23 am »
The fact that you MIGHT be able to get the same thing, minus the tubes, for a $9 investment in a can of sea foam needs to be mentioned, as well.

thanks for coming, hang out as long as you wish, I am sure it will get better from here on out....

if you dispute the fact the carbs should come off, and be cleaned and adjusted correctly, whether you do them, or someone with experience does them, free or with compensation, you are only lying to yourself... especially when you said it isn't worth doing now, because theres only a couple months of riding left this year.... just park the damned bike in the garage now, and fix it in the spring.....
better yet, sell it.
hell, any of these guys you are biotch slapping, me included, could do this service in less than 4 hours, for a burger and a beer.... but for an a-hole like you, we'ed say go p*** up a rope.

oh, and don't start calling us stupid bubbas... you may find we have a collective endeavorment much higher than the norm, and none of us utter the phrase "hold my beer and watch this..."

butt wipe

 ::) ::) ::)

you are the third person, in less than a week, with a residency of 10 days or less, to call ass on multiple people with the credentials, and the willingness to give straight answers, without a dollar figure... somehow I'm not getting the "I have to pay someone" thing you seem to have in your brain.

at the risk of alianating myself here, and getting a slap on my hand, I will just say...

move on

you burned the bridge, peed in the pool, and generally made a real good impression. ::)

you can always go back over to the official COG forum, and even buy a COG membership (by all means I highly recommend that) and then you can complain we don't treat you well.... and if that isn't working, you can threaten everyone, and start a YAHOO group to dis us all.... not like that ain't been done before, in the last week.... man. what is going on in peoples brains these days? ::) ::) ::)

46 YEARS OF KAW.....  47 years of DEVO..

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Re: a couple questions for a concours guru ?
« Reply #34 on: September 08, 2013, 03:45:54 am »
And this thread has run it's course... CLOSED

As to the personnel attacks directed towards its members it will not be tolerated...
Tony P. Crochet
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