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Off to Tennesee
« on: October 12, 2013, 03:43:02 am »
I'm leaving this morning to see some friends in Benton, just outside of Cleveland, about a 7 hour trip.  Only have 3500 miles on my 12 C-14, but changed the Bridgerocks to PR 2s and a 190/55 the other day and man what an improvement.  She turns so much easier and seems to run smoother.

I'll be taking the back roads until I get close to Atlanta and will then have to jump on I-75 for a little while to get through the congestion of the city and then I'll be able to get on some more backroads.  Lookin forward to getting back to those great roads around the Smokeys.

So while we were changing the front tire, we managed to cross thread the aluminum spacer nut with the steel axel.  Called the dealer and ordered a new one, overnight delivery for $85 and it was supposed to be at the dealer yesterday by 10am.  I called them at 1 and the parts guy said that they forgot to order it. Sweet.  Just so happens that we were able to smooth out the crossthread and use the original nut, so all is well.