Author Topic: Just finished 3,500 miler  (Read 1411 times)

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Just finished 3,500 miler
« on: June 08, 2011, 05:11:00 pm »
Just got back from our (two of us) ride covering 7 states WA, OR, ID, WY, UT, CO, MT,  and about 3,500 miles. 02 Connie was flawless. To tired right now to give full report, but will soon with pictures. Experienced just about everything. More info on the way.  ;)
2002 Connie with Givi trunk, Avon tires,  7th gear mod, Heli bars, Throttlemeister, Rifle windscreen, and other junk. Love to pack up and hit the road. Thank goodness I'm recent retiree. :-)