Author Topic: Group Buy - Save 15% on Cal Sci Windshields!!!!!  (Read 3223 times)

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Group Buy - Save 15% on Cal Sci Windshields!!!!!
« on: March 11, 2014, 08:04:55 pm »
Coordinating a group buy on Cal Sci windshields - 5 buyers (4 more cuz I'm in) will result in a 15% product discount for each purchaser, an avg savings of $30 (serious post ride beer money).  Shipping and tax (if applicable) will be at Cal Sci's normal rates.  I have no affiliation with Cal Sci - simply a new member who is much poorer after recently buying a slightly used 2011 Blk Concours 14 in need of farkles - LOL.  Big Thanks to this forum for sharing the knowledge!

Here's the deal;
1) Running this offer EFFECTIVE TODAY THRU MARCH 18th - so contact me via this site (PM), email, or text with your details (name, address, contact details and windshield needed - be VERY specific pls, including shipping method......(UPS ground is cheapest).  Go to for specifics.  No money is due until Mar 18th. Pls be respectful of our fellow members - if you say you're going to participate - follow thru.  This offer applies to C14 and C10 bikes.

2) I will contact each buyer with your exact amount (includes 15% discount) due within 48 hrs of receiving your order details (and verifying with Cal Sci).  I will aggregate and place the order with Cal Sci shortly after Mar 18th for everyone I have received pymt from.  Cal Sci will then individually ship your new windshield to you.  The goal is delivery by March month-end.  This

3) PAYMENT METHOD - send me check (less 15%) via snail mail payable to Cal Sci  @ my home address below  (inefficient - yes, but this way everyone gets a receipt showing pymt from you to Cal Sci versus me.  Meaning any need for a refund from Cal Sci would go directly to you versus my credit card or bank acct).  If we don't meet the requirement of 5 shields ordered - your check will be returned.

    ALTERNATE PAYMENT METHOD - you can call Cal Sci directly to order and use your credit card.  You MUST make them aware you are a COG or ZG/GTR Member (pls drop a note to me as well).  They will take your details and charge you retail price and ship immediately.  If we meet the 5 shield requirement, Cal Sci will rebate all purchasers 15% (unfortunately - they will give me a lump sum rebate and I will PayPal or fwd a check to each of you)
RISK - If you use this alternate pymt method before we meet the 5 shield requirement and we don't end up with 5 buyers - you will not save 15% (I will post an update if and when we have 5 confirmed orders).

4) For post delivery issues (returns, exchanges, warranty stuff, etc), you will deal directly with Cal Sci.

Ride Safe and Ride Far,
Rodney Gardner
732 778 7200
23 Seaview Ave
Monmouth Beach, NJ 07750