Author Topic: Americade, who went?  (Read 1083 times)

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Americade, who went?
« on: June 15, 2011, 10:20:11 am »
I live and work in the area and spotted a few Connies, talked with a few owners and waved at a few in passing. One in particular I believe was staying at the Stoney Creek Inn. It was an older C-10 (first gen dash), burgandy with a red tank, Heli bars and a tank bra. I'm sure I've seen pic's of it here before, but not sure whose it is. I looked it over pretty good while it was parked outside the Inn as I was working next door to the Inn at the time. I wanted to say "hi" to the owner, but only saw him or her as they rode away at the end of a group ride which headed toward Harrisburg Lake. Was it you?

P.S. In searching for Americade with the "search" function, I discovered the function is case sensative. This could answer why some of my, and others, searches come up short. If you're looking for DOT 4 brake fluid vs dot 5, you may have to try it both ways. Rick, is this changeable?
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