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« on: September 05, 2014, 05:43:49 am »
Brake information and link repository..

I've had a shuddering when using the front brakes since day one of using my new EBC rotor and pad setup.  The EBC setup was purchased after at least two go rounds of warpage on the front rotors.  I may be to blame for the shuddering as when I initially installed the EBC products I neglected to reset the level of the brake fluid in the front master other words it was too full and caused the front braking system to overheat.  Not to the point of bluing, but enough.  I have replaced the pads once with EBC HH FA417s and am doing it again.  Not that it needed it, the pads were well within the wear limits and looked to be fairly even on pad thickness.  There were dark striations on the rotor which I think is normal for these pads.  I used a Flex-Hone for Rotors from Brush Research  and soapy water to initially clean the calipers followed by spritzes of spray brake cleaner.  During the cleaning process I found a nubbin of metal in the middle of the right side rotor surface standing proud.  It went through to the other side which tells me it was there from the get go.  I ground it down flush with the rotor surfaces using my Dremel.  There was also grooves in two of the pads created from the nubbin.  Don't know if this has anything to do with the shuddering, yet.  No significant wear on the rotor that I can feel with a finger nail.  I did replace the pad pins (92043-0105 x 4).

Bedding in process notes - You can hear the pads on the rotors, vaguely sounds like metal on metal.  Those sintered pads are pretty hard.  I did about 35 miles of light braking but they specify about 300 to 400 miles before you do the 60 to 20mph slow downs ten times in quick succession to heat them up to deposit material on the rotors and mold them into shape.  I'll probably complete the first stage tomorrow as I have to take a trip into southern va and it looks as though the weather will be cooperating.

Measurements on existing brake hardware

Kwak thickness was 2.61mm on the used pads

Concours 1400 brake information

Pad thickness - front 4mm, rear 5mm  wear limit 1mm
Rotor bolts - 20ft/lbs
Front caliper mounting bolts - 25ft/lbs
Front pad pins - 13ft/lbs
Rotor thickness front - 4.8 to 5.2mm, limit 4.5mm
Rotor thickness rear - 5.3 to 5.7mm, limit 5.5mm
Runout - TIR 0.15mm or .006 in or less, service limit TIR .3mm or .01 in

EBC product information

Pad thickness - front 3.84 to 3.95 mm (on the batch I just measured) FA417 HH
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Re: Brakes
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50,000+ miles and not a problem one with my OEM brakes. Knock, knock, knock on wood. Replaced pads with OEM pads and will be doing it again soon.