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BMW hydr-oil lock
« on: June 18, 2011, 07:59:26 am »
We've seen the new BMW S1000RR inline 4 running at the CMRA races this season.  A beautiful piece of machinery without a doubt, and already proven competitive in capable hands.

Unfortunately, an expensive lesson was learned at the recent event at Hallet Motor Racing Circuit .... seems that when low-sided, the engine pumps large quantities of oil into the airbox which is immediatly sucked into the cylinders with significant traumatic effect.  Ventilation of the lower case by large, formerly internal, reciprocating parts in the Hallett incident (ouch!).

A quick finger on the kill-switch plus external catch-cans on the breather or large separator boxes ala Ducati for the closed system seem to be in order for race applications (where simple external breathers that can result in track-oiling are prohibited).

Not to gloat about 'the other guy's problem' but thought some of y'all might find this interesting.  The S1000RR really is an impressive bike for the price, or almost any price for that matter.

There's a pic of the vented BMW case on page 25 of the June 2011 "CMRA Inside Line" magazine which can be downloaded here.
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