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Two Thumbs UP for and
« on: June 18, 2011, 05:21:31 pm »
Ron from radiorider set up a group buy discount on the Sena BT headset as described under this thread:

I ordered the dual set and I could NOT get one of the headsets to successully connect with my DROID or with the other headset for intercom.  I reported the problem to Ron, who connected me with Dan at Sena.  After talking with Dan and working through the problem Dan agreed the problem was with the Sena.  He FedEx expressed a replacement to me and I had it in two days.  It worked perfectly.  My daughter didn't believe I was riding on the freeway at 65+ while we had a cell phone conversation today.   

Two thumbs up to Ron for setting up the buy and for working with me to resolve the problem.  Two for Dan in being so responsive and for getting a replacement sent to me so quickly.   

Great customer service from both and I really like the product!
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