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Cool Springs & Oatman AZ
« on: March 22, 2015, 02:52:00 pm »
Yesterday the Duchess & I rode the old rte 66 hwy up to the mining/tourist town of Oatman. We stopped at cool springs which is an old restored bldg & hiked up the Mesa trail a little. We then went up the super tight & twisty road to Oatman

Thay call it blood hwy for good reason, back in the day it was the only road out west & there are still cars down in the canyons from long ago. (I read a local woman crashed her m/c and was airlifted out a few weeks ago). The mine just closed recently & they maintained part of the road so it's in pretty poor condtion right now.

We got to Oatman just as the gunfight show was starting. The blanks they fire were super loud & Duchess was not liking it so we walked away to the end of town then had a lunch I had packed (Duchess had beef treats & biscuits) After a little more walking around we head'ed back down the road & home. Was a pretty awesome day with temps around 80 degrees!

Here's the video  (I think this one turned out extra nice)