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UClear HBC100 Bluetooth Intercoms
« on: June 22, 2011, 11:39:30 pm »
Selling a very gently used pair of UClear HBC100 Bluetooth Intercoms.  By "very gently," I mean 4 times since I bought them May 27.  Everything is complete in original packaging, right down to the twist-ties around the speaker wires.  ;)

My impressions:  Terrific sound, both from my BT device and on the intercom.  The boomless mic system works really well and leaves a nice, clean install...really cool not having a boom hanging out front.  The unit itself is smaller than the Scala G4, Sena SMH10, etc., but the buttons are still easy to find even while wearing gloves.  Battery life is solid also...ran strong on an all-day ride the day after I bought them, with plenty of battery left at the end of the day.

These UClears were last used this past Sunday, 3 days ago...then we knew that, great as they sound, they're just not quite right for us, riding 2 bikes most of the time.  My wife likes to hang back a bit when we're out riding, and it became apparent that we needed a bit more range, so we got some Senas instead.  If you need a system for 2-up, the Uclears are excellent.

Paid $400 for them less than a month ago.  My trial is your gain...$340 shipped.  Reply to thuntjazz at gmail dot com.
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