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audio-technica earphones
« on: June 24, 2011, 07:38:55 am »
These earphones are in-the-ear monitors.  They're great sounding and work great under a helmet on the bike.  When worn with the cord around the back of the ear they pretty much sit flush with your outer ear.  They can also be worn with the cord in front of the ear.  Includes three different-sized tips and semi-rigid storage case.  I paid $250 for these a couple of years ago and if you follow the Amazon link you can see the price has dropped quite a bit. 

I'm selling them because I couldn't get them to stay in my ear for extended periods.  I finally ended up going with custom-made.  If you read the reviews on Amazon you'll notice that the better reviewer had to do a little experimentation to get the best sound.  I had to do the same.  Once I found the "sweet-spot" I couldn't believe the sound of these little things.

$80 shipped via UPS?
I feel like a new person!