Author Topic: Gas Tank Cap / Latch Corrosion, Cleaning, and Modification  (Read 22291 times)

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Re: Gas Tank Cap / Latch Corrosion, Cleaning, and Modification
« Reply #75 on: October 07, 2018, 09:29:52 pm »
Actually, the way I did it, pretty sure if you just turn the key all the way so the thingies are all the way in, and you spray lubricant in it, it'll have the same effect as taking it apart and cleaning it.

It work for now, since you already removed what was in there.  But for those reading, here will be so much corrosion build-up, the only way to get rid of it is physical removal of it from everywhere inside the latch mechanism.  It is shocking how much it can hold inside there.  But you can shoot some spray lithium in there without taking it apart, if it was relatively clean to start with.

UPDATE: I went to check the lock a couple hours after doing this process and found that it was already worse.

Yep.  Silicone spray is pretty useless, but just about anything you put in there will help in the short term.  Then the next day, it is noticeably worse, and it gets worse over time.  Even if it is done "right" (with a heavier lubricant) it will still fade, just over a longer period.

Decided to give white lithium grease spray a shot. Instead of taking it apart, I opened the gas cap, turned the key all the way so the triangular bits retract, and sprayed into the gap between the triangular bits and the metal plate that the screws go into. Smooth as butter and the spring works now, it actually wants to close itself.

And that will work a longer while, maybe even several months if your corrosion rate isn't too bad.  But then it will cake up with the corrosion inside the mechanism and get bad again.  You will see :)

Wonder what kind of an effect leaving the bits in a baking soda/water mix would do.

I am guessing not much.  Tried that, too, at one point.

It would remove some corrosion but I'm afraid it'll also remove whatever plating it has on that's preventing the corrosion from getting worse

I am not sure there is/was any plating at all.  But if there was, that would help explain my situation (that it was fine for several years and then wham, and gets worse with each cleaning).  Year after year the cleanings and lubes are less and less effective each time.  I would order the new cap if only there were instructions somewhere on how it is all assembled and how to move the lock cylinder.
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