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C14 Interesting Facts, #2
« on: October 20, 2011, 08:11:58 am »
C14 Lexicon
Premature K-TRACulation - Affects '10 owners.  It's that sticky feeling one gets after a spirited ride.
FOBulous - A euphoric feeling overcoming a C14 rider at the exact moment he realizes KiPASS hasn't failed, the bike will actually start and he can get home.
Tetra-fried - The bad feeling you get five miles down the road when you realize that you drained the final drive but forgot to refill it.
KIPASSinine - Extremely or utterly foolish
Shinders - What happens when one wears shorts in stop and go traffic in the summer (Pre '10).
KIPASSa? - What Bbar thinks every time he starts his '08.
Flyectomy - The act of skillfully removing the secondary flies without stripping the Locktited screws which will fall into the throttle bodies when working the last screw out...
Cogitator - old fart trying to recapture his youth by tearing up the road in a superbike-come tourer (with or without flies).
Valvestruction - The process in which a C14 owner will follow to adjust the valves and cause destruction in the engine.
Valvaster - A valve lash adjustment procedure that ends in disaster.  See also valvestruction.
Valvecide - A valve adjusting C14 owner who commits suicide, or homicide, depending if he performed a valvestruction or a valvaster.
Rotortured - Constantly taking your C14 back to the Dealer for new rotors.
Slippherclutch - The skill of a C14 owner to cleverly sneak out of the house for a solo ride without his over-enthusiastic 2up tagging along. 2) Momentary loss of grip by a 2up of the pilot (i.e. during a tender moment) caused by inadequate sized or weakened 'riser'.
Hopass - Honda's version of KIPASS.  Still in super secret development.
Fob-ette - 2010 model mini-fob
Ram Ball Mount - Technical name for the stock seat riding position

Motorcycle Ergos Website

Seat for the ZX-14 will mount to the C-14, as the base pan is identical.  Different padding and cover.


Tire pressures
42 lbs at max load (397 to 441 lbs)  Owner's manual has 42 as the recommended pressure (08s and 09s only).  The 10 models have a higher max load.


Engine Oil
Filter not removed  4.0 L(4.2 US qt) Why would you not change the filter?
Filter removed       4.4 L(4.7 US qt or 4qts, 18oz)
Totally Dry            4.7 L(5.0 US qt)  Unless it's a new engine you'll never have this condition.

Final Gear Case Oil
About 160ml or .17 US qt or 5.4 oz (fill it up to just below the filler neck)

3.4 L (3.6 US qt)

Valve Adjust
Valve Adjuster's Data Reference, Shim Size and Clearance
Valve Adjust Tips
Valve Adjust, A Member's story
Valve Adjust parts under 'Engine Parts' in the C14 parts sticky

Fly Removal

2010 Fly Removal
Need content

Replacement battery discussion (need content)

TPS Battery Replacement
Need content

Tire removal assistance
Need content

Rear Wheel Removal Facts

27mm deep 6pt 1/2" Socket, 14mm Hex 1/2" Socket, axle nut 94ft-lbs, caliper bolts 47ft-lbs

Front Wheel Removal Facts
22mm Hex Socket, or 1/2 13/16ths (reversed) spark plug socket, axle nut 94ft-lbs, axle clamp bolts 15ft-lbs
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