Author Topic: Concours 1400 and GTR1400 Paint Colors  (Read 9167 times)

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Concours 1400 and GTR1400 Paint Colors
« on: September 27, 2015, 08:48:33 am »
From Maxtog.  Original thread

I was getting tired of not being able to figure out which colors were what/where/when.  So I spent a few hours doing the research to bring all the info I could find together in one place which includes the market, the official color name, and some type of sane (non-marketing) description of the color.

Most years, Kawasaki offers the Concours in two colors for each market.  There are several markets, the biggest probably being the US (United States of America) and second EU (European Union) and third CA (Canada).  In the US, in all but two years (2008/2010), Kawasaki offered two colors- some type of black and some type of non-black (and in the EU, it was EVERY year they offered two).  Who knows why they choose what color(s) for what market.  See this thread:

I will continue to update this first posting with any corrections and new information I can find.  At the moment, the US and EU info should be complete, but the CA (Canada) info is incomplete.

US/CA/EU: "Neutron Silver" (light stone blue/"silverdamnit")
EU: "Metallic Diablo Black" (black)

US: "Candy Diamond Red" (burgundy-ish dark red)
US/CA: "Metallic Diablo Black" (black)
EU: "Metallic Midnight Sapphire Blue" (very dark blue)
EU: "Metallic Moondust Gray" (medium grey)

US/EU: "Candy Neptune Blue" (dark blue)
EU: "Metallic Magnesium Gray" (medium brownish grey)

US: "Atomic Silver" (light/true silver)
US/EU: "Ebony Black" (glossy black)
EU: "Metallic Dark Green" (dark green/"forest green")

US/EU/CA: "Candy Arabian Red" (dark brownish red/"rootbeer")
US/CA: "Ebony Black: (glossy black)
EU: "Metallic Midnight Sapphire Blue" (very dark blue)

US: "Metallic Nocturne Blue" (medium blue)
US/EU/CA: "Metallic Spark Black" (black with reflective flake)
EU/CA: "Perl Mereor Gray" (very dark grey/light black)

US/CA: "New Candy Cardinal Red" (light red/"cherry red")
US/EU/CA: "Metallic Spark Black" (black with reflective flake)
EU: "Metallic Graphite Gray" (dark brownish grey)

US/CA: "Candy Lime Green" (light green/"Kawasaki green")
US/CA/EU: "Metallic Spark Black" (black with reflective flake)
EU: "Metallic Moondust Gray" (medium grey)

Unknown yet
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