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Re: New 2014 Concours
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Hi Conair
I recently have come from an 09 Road Glide, loved it, 106 S&S etc, etc, although I have not rode my new to me 2012 C14, I have ridden a top heavy K1200LT and have a semblance of what the contributors are saying about parking lot stability, vs the my Road Glide and heartily concur. if they say top heavy, do not equate this to a Harley.  I never had a problem with a well laden Road Glide, the centre of gravity is so seductively low.
I will not be on my Connie until April at the earliest.  I previously had an 03 ST1300 ABS and a 96 ZX11, so familiar with the sport touring side of things.
However, age creep at 63, makes me forget the smaller footpegs, the bent knees, the sport position etc.  The Road Glide was a great tourer, (wife may not let me get rid of it) but I was ready ready for a change,  I am trying a beaded seat first before I change it out (had an Ultimate seat on my RG, a Richs Seat on my ST, Corbn on my ZX), my bike has a Cee Bailey windshield, Throttemeister and 2" risers, nice start, but I think I will add a Cee Bailey headlight guard, Murphs lower pegs, it has a 39 liter top case already.  I will also add Steve's ECU flash in the "spring", I live in Calgary, so snow and gravel are still abundant.
It has just 10,000 km, (6,200miles) so the Bridgestones are ready to come off.
After experience with the Metzler Z6 front and Me880 rear on my ST, ( I tour mostly, twisty stuff and flat slab) and will consider a front PR4 and a Michelin Commander 11 200/55/17 rear as a capable tour and twisty road combo.  The mileage on the two tires should line up niceley so that I am replacing both tires at the same time.  Expecting 18,000 km, (11-12,000 miles) I do not think I lose anything in the corners, with the rear, which means at 63, my angels fly with me (not a peg scraper).
I plan a weekend trip, our Canadian May long to Orofino, ID with the Edmonton BMW club, Lolo Pass etc, my friend rides a K16GT (sweet, if you can afford it), then a tour to Northern Cali, Oregon Coast etc, June 25-Juy 9.
For 2017, most likely a road trip to Dawson, Fairbanks AL, etc, and the necessary farkles for a trip like this
I am expecting comfort, a rush, a reliable mount
2012 Concours 14, Candy Arabian Red
2009 Road Glide, Black
2003 ST1300
1996 ZX11