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Re: June Trip
« Reply #15 on: July 19, 2016, 08:35:48 pm »
Jeanne bought new boots for the trip. It's a week later and:

Not a good thing to happen with boots I'm thinking.

Jeanne can be so patient with my picture taking at times :D

From Fairfield we headed back to Napa and stopped for breakfast, again at IHOP :) and then started heading north. Jeanne wanted to take in Wine Country. Man there are a lot of wineries here. I never realized. Lots of interesting spots and some oddities I had to investigate later when we stopped. We did miss riding up the coast but we've both done that (although me on a bike and her in a car many years ago) and this was pretty cool.

One oddity were the number of vineyards with roses planted at the end of the rows of grapes. There were red roses, white roses, and other colors. I figured it might tell what sort of grapes were being grown (white wine, red wine, etc). But a quick google check finds:

Both roses and grape vines are susceptible to some of the same diseases. Indeed, roses act as early warning of mildew which is a fungal disease. There are two main kinds of mildews: Powdery mildew (Oidium) that develops on all green parts of the vine. We can see white powdery growth of spores on the surfaces.

Well that's Cool.

Next, there was a smell of grapes of course, but about half the time, I smelled sulfur. What's up with that?

This sulfur smell in your homemade wine comes from hydrogen sulfide. Hydrogen sulfide is a compound that is naturally produced during a wine fermentation. All wine fermentation will produce some hydrogen sulfide, however there are some scenarios that can cause more of it to be produced than others

That was interesting. Learn new things every day. Cool!

We stopped at Castillo di Amorosa and the wikipedia page.

It's a pretty interesting place. The owner brought the castle from Italy and recreated it in the valley.

The tour was starting later than we wanted to wait so Jeanne bought passes to go in and walk around and hit the tasting room before we left. We still spent quite a bit of time wandering around but the tour would have ended later than I really wanted in order to get to Eureka in a reasonable amount of time.

The castle has goats and sheep!

Gargoyle guarding the entrance

Jeanne heading up the steps

Arrow ports

For raising and lowering the portcullis

Jeanne again (the portcullis wheel is just to the left in the alcove)

One of the towers

View over the top of the castle

Parking lot

Wine country

At the entrance

Central courtyard

There was a butterfly flying around the flowers. I snapped several pictures until I got this one.

Down in the wine cellar. "100 bottles of wine on the wall, 100 bottles of wine. Take one down, pass it around, 99 bottles of wine on the wall"

Per the cork, bottled in 2000

Your basic tourist trap. Lots of little things like soap, cooking with wine books, wooden cases to carry your wine, etc.

Continuing on from the castle, we headed up until 128 and 29 split. We took the left and headed for the coast. 128 was a pretty cool ride in general, running through the upper valley. Then 101 up to the 128 split again. I got behind a Prius and a Scion and we hauled ass in the mountains. Great fun if a bit weary. The shifting shade and sun made it difficult to determine what was around the corner at times so sudden slowness was called for. At one point the Prius seemed to have trouble going up the hills but recovered. I wasn't sure if she wanted me to pass or what.

One of the real problems is lane discipline. It didn't happen a lot but certainly there were a few places where people were cutting corners. I'm still tentative on the bike though. I've said it before. There is a midway between full on sportbike and touring bike like the Goldwing so this felt a little wobbly at times. At one corner there was a bit of a washboard and the bike stuttered a bit to the left!

At the Navarro River Redwoods State Park, we stopped for a break and some pictures.

And a super awesome picture of Jeanne, the bike, and the trees.

The trees are pretty big here.

Hopping back on the bike, we headed up to the coast. Nice and cool again :)

Of course we stopped at the "Drive Through a Tree" park :)  Jeanne insisted.

Looking up inside the tree

Dark in there

Seriously, I have been working on my smile for years. It's a grimace most of the time if I'm not thinking "smile!"

The Chandler tree itself

Now that's a big tree.

Continuing, the road merged back with 101. I did get a nice video of the ride to 101 though :) At the "House in a log" spot in Piercy, we stopped for gas. There have been a few places where my card wasn't accepted for some reason. I'd just go inside to set some amount, around $10, and then pump the gas. In this case I set it to $7.00 but instead of going to 7, it stopped at 2 gallons. Kind of an odd configuration but it was the only time it was different than just pumping $7 or $10 or $15 of gas.

We finally got to Eureka and I stopped to get gas.

"Do you have my credit card??"

Oh no. No card. Check wallet. Check pocket. The last place I had it was Piercy. Call the Patriot station. "Yea, I found it when I was walking out. I tried to catch you but you were already gone." *whew* "Okay, excellent. I'll drive down in the morning and pick it up. You guys are open on Sunday right?"

<strong>That</strong> would have sucked.

We found the motel and unpacked the bike. The motel was a little on the cheaper side (and across from the county jail :) ) with a few homeless folks wandering around. The lady at the desk says there are a lot of homeless in Eureka for some reason. Anyway, she suggested Lost Coast Brewery so we walked down to get something to eat. Man what a loud establishment. I'm not really good with loud but I muddled through it :) I've been ordering fish and chips up the coast and they've been okay in general. The fish here were pretty good but the fries were pretty bad. Cold and chewy. I did get a root beer float which was good in general.

That big spider? When the door opens and closes, it goes up and down :)

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Re: June Trip
« Reply #16 on: July 19, 2016, 08:41:01 pm »
I let Jeanne sleep in a little while I threw on my gear and zipped back down to Piercy.

Nice hour ride down to the Patriot gas station. When I got there the lady didn't know what I was talking about so she started hunting around the counter, drawers, etc looking for the card and wasn't able to find it. She called the guy who was on yesterday and she still couldn't find it. He came over from his place and hunted around as well until finding it over under the cigarettes. The guy was a bit grumpy though, I guess he didn't want to wake up and come back to work :)  I did thank the guy profusely though. Turns out per the lady cards are supposed to be dropped into the safe. The guy held it until the end of the shift but some of the counter folks will drop it into the safe immediately. The problem is the safe can't be opened until Monday. <strong>That</strong> would have been a problem. But problem averted, I filled up, made sure the card was in my wallet (and was super careful every time after that :) ), snagged a soda and some donuts and headed back to Eureka.

I'd told Jeanne several times that I do like to ride and that if she wanted me to stop to just tap me and we'll stop. We did that a couple of times but not as many as I expected. Anyway we snagged breakfast at a Denny's and scooted on out heading to Coos Bay Oregon.

Upon reaching the coast again, we pulled over to check out a beach.

There were some conservationists at the entrance to the beach.

It's been somewhat chilly and foggy but not crazy cold. We were planning on stopping at the Redwood National Park. There are several Redwood State Parks like the one yesterday including the 'Avenue of Giants' which was the original road up to Eureka (and bloody slow going in part due to the sun in my eyes at every turn). In this case it's the <strong>National</strong> one :) At one point Jeanne did tap me as we passed a meadow where there were a bunch of cars parked (the road ran back to the trees so there were parked in the dirt next to the road). I took the next turn into an ancient parking lot. As I went over one of the speed humps, the bike scraped bottom! We zipped back to the meadow and while Jeanne snapped a few pics, I checked the underside of the bike.

Whew, nothing broken or even badly scraped.

Man, I gotta pee. We cruised by the Paul Bunyon and Babe the Blue Ox parking area. I stopped at the next place I could turn around, turned around, and went back to use the bathroom. Jeanne was also in dire straights as well :)

The hand moved and some guy was watching and talking through a loud speaker to kids climbing on his shoes and mucking with the axe. It was a bit cheesy but still cool. We hung around for a few minutes taking a break as well and checking out all the flowers.

I remember these poppers. I used to squeeze one that wasn't open yet and pop a little water out of it.

Still pretty flowers

Okay, enough with the pictures, let's go look at trees! :)  We headed out and north to the Redwoods. And of course missed the sign. We crossed the Klamath River and I realized we'd missed it. Check the map and turn around. We took the side road (Newton B. Drury Scenic Parkway) up to the park ranger's place, then turned around and parked, locked up the gear and went for a hike. We were heading for the big tree but made a right instead of a left. Still pretty cool and we did get to the big tree.


Tall trees!

Now that's Big Wood!!!

We walked back when we reached the dirt road and found the 'Circle Path' which took us to the big trees.

We continued to cruise up the coast of Oregon with at least one stop at the beach. It was pretty cool temp wise going up the coast running between 50 and no higher than 63 plus the coast was pretty fogged in. It took about 9 hours to get to Coos Bay. We had a meal at Kozy Kitchen, a comfort food type diner. Food was pretty good in general but certainly comfort food :) We discussed the weather in Canada around Jasper and Banff. Per the weather forecast, there was a greater than 50% chance of rain. Since purpose of the trip to Jasper and Banff was to see the mountains, it might be cool but it might also be chilly and unable to even see the mountains or glaciers and it may be raining or even snowing. So we discussed it and decided to head east in Portland. We were already 2 days behind on the schedule, which isn't a big deal on a trip really. Schedules are flexible and I generally put lots of loops and cut-through paths just in case of issues like the broken leg back home.

So we're cutting Canada out (even after getting my Passport) and heading to Walla Walla Washington tomorrow morning. We'll even be checking out Lolo Pass just in case.

And humorously, Jeanne is keeping me honest. No fast food so far this trip :) (I don't really count IHOP or Denny's as 'Fast Food'.)

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Re: June Trip
« Reply #17 on: July 19, 2016, 08:44:30 pm »
Jeanne and I had a discussion on the adjustable windscreen on the Concours. When up all the way, it pulls me forward to the screen so I was suspecting Jeanne was getting more of a breeze and maybe more disturbance than was necessary. But in checking, she claims it's actually a little warmer for her. Since temps were in the low 50's and it was drizzly, it was an important check.

We got breakfast from the hotel, donned our rain gear (and it was a bit constricting around the right knee), and headed on our way. We continued up the coast however with the temps and drizzle, we decided we'd have a nicer ride further inland. In Reedsport, we made the right turn on 38 and headed east to I-5. It was quite a nice road next to the Umpqua River, nice sweepers at good speeds. At Scottsburg, we stopped for a nice pic of the bridge.

And Jeanne

We stopped in Anlauf on I5 and removed our rain gear as it was a touch on the warm side :)

After that it was basically just riding north to Portland, following 205 around to 84 east. We followed the Columbia River east, enjoying the scenery and generally enjoying the ride. I'd been up this way before back when I visited my daughter who was living in Portland at the time. It gradually got hotter of course as we got closer to where 84 turns south, going from around 70F up to the mid 90's. Of course I missed the quick sign to Walla Walla and had to jump off at 930 to go north to 730. We stopped in Irrigon (where gas was $3.99 a gallon!) and followed 730 to Umatilla.

As temps were up there and we were away from moister air, I was able to feel cooler when I opened up my sleeves. The sweat cooled me down quite well :) At certain positions, the jacket would balloon up quite fully and be cool.

I was in the right lane approaching a light when a semi-truck pulled out when I was quite close. After the light changed, I followed the cars in the left lane and then scooted around the idiot. I learned later that folks who drive the larger vehicles will pull out even when there may not be enough space knowing people in cars (and on bikes) may be upset, but will stop and they'll be able to get into traffic quicker. It increases the chance of an accident of course, especially nowadays when too many people are texting or otherwise distracted.

Not long after, we arrived in Walla Walla and after a bit of turning around, we found the hotel. Dropped off the gear and headed out for a walk. We arrived earlier than normal so we could go strolling and Jeanne spotted a book, crafts, and GAME store. Many of the places were closed as we walked by and stopped in at Olive for dinner. Sadly the food wasn't all that (at $50 and the Tuscan Beef sandwich was mostly bread) and since there were no servers, I didn't get any refills so I was sad :(

After we continue walking and passed the Starbucks (they're everywhere!) to the Book store. We went in expecting books and suddenly games. Lots of Games. Lots and lots of games. Woah, this is pretty cool. It's a college town so I guess there's some expectation of good reading and games but the size of the collection was a lot larger than I expected. :)  While I was looking at books, Jeanne spoke with the owner (or at least the person responsible for the games :) ) and was getting me to show off my collection of games. We had a great discussion of games, which ones were appropriate for what sized groups, which ones I liked, which are fun, which are resource gathering, just general gamers discussing games :)

I snagged an interesting Miskatonic horror type book and a pack of Pinochle cards. :)

Next we headed over to Wingman as Jeanne was jonesing for dessert.

I got myself a carafe of soda (diet) and to the surprise of the server, finished it off :)

After we headed back to the room and relaxed a bit. I've been keeping track of receipts in part because of the prep I'd done for the trip so I was writing it in the book and storing away the receipts. I'm pretty sure we missed a few so far but we were keeping pretty good track.

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Re: June Trip
« Reply #18 on: July 19, 2016, 08:46:25 pm »
Left Walla Walla at 7:30. Got to Polson at 7:30. Man, what a long, hot day.

The morning ride through Washington was quite pretty. Lots and lots of wheat. Just miles and miles of it. Must take weeks to harvest. Got stopped for construction (pilot car) twice and chatted with the flagman and flagwoman (who had her dog with her). I'd known I was getting low on Plexus, I had a smaller can and it wasn't full when we left. I didn't think it would be a problem however we did eventually run out. Plus the thumb of my glove had a hole in it from somewhere. I stopped at a parts place and they didn't have anything that was of much help and no gloves.

Crossed over into Idaho and Lewiston at around noon. We headed east and south on 12 and stopped in Orofino briefly to see if we could find Plexus and gloves. Plus I'd run out of soap and deodorant. At an Ace, I was able to find gloves but the large size was too small. And no Plexus but they did have Windex Wipes. I put them back at one point but figured if we couldn't find Plexus, it'd do in a pinch. I also found more soap and deodorant so we were mostly okay.

Still, the Clearwater River was a nice ride and the Dam up the Northfork was freaking cool even though we only got a glimpse. But the river was cool as well.

As we continued south, I figured we'd stop at Kooskia to get gas and even passed Kamiah's gas station however Kooskia was apparently just a couple of closed buildings. Figuring we'd get gas on the way, I continued on up Northwest Passage Scenic Byway. Of course, as fate would have it, the gas station at Syringa, which had "Last Chance gas for 64 miles" was closed and for sale. Well, the bike will do about 250 miles on a tank and we're at 54 miles right now. We should be able to make it to Lolo on the other side. So off we go.

Northwest Passage Scenic Byway is an excellent ride. Nice sweeping curves and little traffic. I was of course conscious of gas consumption but enjoying the curves and scenery.

At about 150 miles, we found gas plus snagged a late lunch at Lochsa Lodge. Kind of a cool little spot almost at the Summit. Campground I guess along with gas and a little store. I snagged a couple of hippy moose stickers for the bike :) and then we went back for lunch.

After lunch we continued up the pass.

Lolo in Montana was hot and a little busy with traffic. We made the left and headed towards Missoula. The intention was to get on to 90 and west to 93 north but in following 12, we didn't see any signs for 90. Kept seeing signs for 12 so I kept following it. Followed it through neighborhoods and such and finally decided we'd missed a turn somewhere and made a left onto a one way street. I pulled out the map but it was of Montana so Missoula was just a blob really. So I pulled out the phone. Ah, should have kept going instead of making the left. Pulled out, made a couple of lefts and continued on 12. Sure enough, a few minutes later signs for 90. Stupid 12 :)

We hopped onto the freeway and headed west to 93 north. Nice little ride through small towns. An hour or so up to Polson and a hotel. On the way though, I think I killed a fairy. All of a sudden

Man, what the heck was that? I didn't want to try and wipe it off as I wouldn't be able to see. I haven't had such an insect blocking encounter since Virginia and the big June Bug encounter!

I have no idea what it was, but it certainly left its mark.

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Re: June Trip
« Reply #19 on: July 19, 2016, 08:49:44 pm »
We're planning on staying here for the day and leaving tomorrow so we got up when we wanted, had breakfast, and got the bike ready. I took a few minutes to decorate the bike of course. First stickers :)

We hopped on and headed to Glacier at about 10:30am. About 90 minutes with a little traffic. I suspect local folks aren't much interested in tourists. One guy wasn't happy apparently with being passed. Sadly, going slower than the speed limit and rubbernecking the mountains just keeps the folks behind you watching what you're doing in case you do something foolish. But hey, no reason to get upset when passed. Just keep looking at the mountains. And yea, you're not going to keep me from passing if that's what I want to do.

At the park entrance, we flashed the general pass I bought at Yosemite but right inside the entrance was a black bear and a cub. The cub was cute and momma was curious and watching folks. Being on a bike, I pulled up just a bit vs being right next to her and watched as she scurried across the road to her second cub.

Later we saw cops, rangers, and a bunch of other vehicles just outside of West Glacier. Then an article where two people were attacked and one killed by a grizzly bear sow identified with two cubs. The ones we saw maybe??

Later they changed it to a Black Bear so I suspect it was the one we saw.

I do like to get scenic pics and Glacier is certainly a scenic place so yea, the occasional stop will occur. Expect lots of pictures :)

And Jeanne snapping a few :)

The one I was taking

We stopped at the Lodge to take in the lake. And someone caught a ride.

No worries, he'd bailed by the time we returned. :)

Jeanne is finally taking pics as we move :)

We did stop to get a few pictures though :)

At the top (Logan Pass), we stopped to take a break, grabbed a plush bear for Jeanne's daughter and a Glacier set of stickers for the bike.

A herd of mountain goats stopped traffic on the way out of the parking lot.

And back down

I basically coasted back down alternating between front and rear brake. At Apgar Village, we stopped for ice cream. The ride was torture on my butt so stopping was required. Mandatory in fact. As we wandered around, I spotted the boat rentals.

For 18 bucks, we rented a canoe and spent an hour on the lake just rowing about and sitting quietly. We went quite far out. We got the hang of paddling pretty quickly and pretty much enjoyed a nice serene paddle out onto the lake.

After the lake, we headed back to the hotel for a nice sunset on the patio.

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Re: June Trip
« Reply #20 on: July 19, 2016, 08:52:16 pm »
Today was a long long loooonnnng boring ride on 90. From Polson to Missoula on 93, then 5 hours on 90 to Billings.

Just riding.

On the slab.

Squaring off the tire.

80 mph though.



On the plus side, until Big Timber, the temps were mid 70's then the last hour or so temps increased to 84 before we stopped in Billings.

We did make a stop about 2:30 to take a break. One of a few actually.

In Billings it again took a bit of wandering until we found the hotel. Once unpacked, we wandered and headed over to the first fast food place on the trip.

We checked out the new and used cars in the lot next door, mainly looking at convertibles. We'd been talking about renting a car in Florida for our trip next year and I was thinking about the 300Z I had years back and that I did like the 300Z Convertible. So maybe a 370Z Convertible for Florida next year. :)

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Re: June Trip
« Reply #21 on: July 19, 2016, 08:54:04 pm »
Bailed Billings at 7:15 as a roughly long day was expected. We are headed for Bear Tooth Pass and The Medicine Wheel.

General riding is good. Comfortable temps and light traffic. At one point a guy on a Harley came up behind me. I gestured to him to pass and he moved up a little then kept at the same pace I was going. Eventually we got behind a long run of cars and an RV. He passed when he could but he didn't have the speed in a couple of places. Eventually at a long straight where he'd hung back, I pulled out to pass, passing him and two cars, an RV, a guy pulling a boat, and three more cars. :) We stopped in Red Lodge for gas before heading up and he waved as he went by :)

The ride up Bear Tooth was cool, down to 48, with construction in places. I almost undercut a curve and forced the bike into the right direction. The bike just doesn't quite handle like the busa. It's a bit tall and the front seems to be a little unstable at times. Probably partly due to the amount of stuff we have loaded as well. I need to take the bike up into the hills without much of a load.

Anyway, got to the top and wandered around for pictures of the scenery and of course, the local fauna (chipmunks :) ). We chatted with a few riders about distance and direction.

Nice panoramic shot with Jeanne

"Got any nuts?"

On the way again and we were behind an RV but they pulled over at the first curve.

Up and over the top. Snow in many places. We saw mountain goats. Really nice scenery. At one point I saw a nice lake and stopped the bike for a look.

Sure enough, nice view and a guy was out there fishing.

Down the other side and to the bridge over the gorge. Chatted with another group of riders before heading off again.

Bird in a tree.

This was the ride up before heading down into Cody, and could have been a bit more fun. Got behind a couple of Harleys, woman on the back bike. She seemed a bit tentative in the corners and barely, from my vantage point, kept from dragging her floorboards. They pulled off at the pass for a few pics as we did.

The ride down to the intersection to Cody was less fun. Lots of tar snakes. One of the first curves and the bike danced all around. So I kept it slow until the end. Just before Cody, we stopped for gas and the same group we met at the bridge pulled in as we were resting and we chatted a bit more. One of the guys pulled up on a Goldwing so there was a mixture of bikes.

After, we headed east on Alternative 14 for Medicine Wheel. On the way I spotted a dead deer. There have been a lot over the trip but this was followed up about 20' later by a white minivan on the side of the road with the front caved in! Need to watch out for the wildlife.

At the top of the Big Horns, we pulled in to the Medicine Wheel park, locked up the gear, and started walking. This is a 3 mile round trip to the wheel. It's uphill, downhill, and uphill again to the Medicine Wheel.

I've been here several times to visit. It's been here for an estimated 10,000 years and is a sacred site. I've seen vehicles from Florida.

"Are we done here?" Jeanne is a bit tired of riding I think. It's been a long trip so far and she's dealing with it pretty well but occasionally I can see she's tired :)

The Medicine Wheel.

Still pretty cool. As we started back, it started raining a little, then hail!

We just walked back to the bike but gear was wet so it was a cold ride. We made it to the lodge, signed in, got our room.

Lunch snack and dinner (dinner's not until 5). I must say the food was very lightly seasoned.

Humorously, the place is for sale, $700,000. Jeanne and I discussed selling our houses, unnecessary gear, and buying this place. :) It would satisfy my need for a mountain place and Jeanne's need for water as there's a small lake next to the place.


Tomorrow, home.

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Re: June Trip
« Reply #22 on: July 19, 2016, 08:55:29 pm »
I must say, the bed at the hotel was probably the worst night's sleep I've had in some years. I was tossing and turning and getting up and laying down. I was tempted to grab the top cover and wrap up in the chair or on the floor.

Okay, food at this place is pretty mild in general. We had the breakfast buffet. They supply some condiments so you can add spices but marinating the steak last night might have been good. It was like they simply cut a slab off the cow and cooked it. The chef was nice enough though.

We had a discussion this morning over breakfast about the Resort as well. $700k would be about double our current house payment (either of us; although we don't know how such business type loans would go of course). We estimated about 10 folks working there, a 100 room motel, several cabins, four wheelers, paddle boats, BBQs, and even dual gas pumps.

We'd be curious as to what the expenses vs income plus clientele, how many per month, how's it work in the winter months, what assets and debts come with the purchase, what maintenance needs to be done, and the big question;

Why are you selling?

I did want to bail and be home before it was too late. It's a straight run down the mountain to 90 and then south on 25 home but it's a fairly long and uninteresting ride through Wyoming.

As we checked out, I commented that it looked as if no one has cleaned under the front of the toilet seats. It was a quarter inch wide layer of dark yellow grime. I was trying to describe it and Jeanne told me to stop as the woman hadn't had breakfast yet :)

Heading down the mountain was interesting. Nice and fast in general however there were fallen rocks and gravel in several turns keeping me on my toes again.

Coming out on the straight, we headed on to Dayton, then out to 90 and headed south.

Generally a basic freeway ride. I did miss the cutoff for 25 so had to loop around at the next exit. Then we basically rode for 2 hours to Casper before filling up.

Casper to Wheatland for gas. Then Cheyenne again for gas. As we got to Colorado, we stopped for a photo shot at the sign then continued on.

Somewhere near Ft Collins, it started sprinkling and then raining. I raised the windshield and tucked my knees in and basically kept dry. Jeanne tucked in behind me. Since it was only a few miles of rain (including some pretty heavy bits), we simply pushed on through to the other side. The bike does pretty well in keeping most of the rain off.

We were watching the gigantic rainstorm that seemed centered over Longmont. At the turnoff for Longmont (66), I could see it was just a touch south and that we might get the tail end of it. We did get a few drops but generally missed the bulk of the rain.

Pulled into the driveway, got a couple of final shots of the bike, pulled in, unpacked, started the laundry, took a shower, and grabbed dinner.

I'm importing the pics from my iPhone and have 90 gigs of Video (103 files) from the GoPro. I'm trying to get Jeanne's pics as well but the Android doesn't appear to work well with Windows 10. I had to run the troubleshooter in order to recognize the GoPro and I've run it again for Jeanne's Android. I'll be rebooting here in a sec to try and get her pics.


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Re: June Trip
« Reply #23 on: July 19, 2016, 08:57:58 pm »
Here are the final details of the trip with the map plus the actual costs and such.

Miles: 5,022. Remember we bailed on Canada due to rain expectations.

Rooms: $1,140.96

Gas: $375.06

Food (meals): $768.52

This didn't include snacks when we stopped for gas including water and sodas. ($316.06)

Total: $2,600.82

Misc stuff. Jeanne spent $184.87. I spent $344.75. This would be wine, park passes, aquarium fee, parking fees, etc.

Jeanne paid all room fees as she had a deal, 9 stays and the 10th is free. She also snagged a few others (like gas and snacks) before I realized how much she would be paying for rooms so I'll be giving her $287.70 to cover that.

I think the costs would be just a little higher, mainly gas and snacks, had we headed to Canada but it wouldn't have changed it a great deal.

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Re: June Trip
« Reply #24 on: July 20, 2016, 07:41:25 am »
Looked like a truly epic ride! Thanks for sharing!

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Re: June Trip
« Reply #25 on: July 21, 2016, 01:19:36 am »
Absolutely awesome pics and ride discription! Very well done, and thanks for sharing mate!!