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Thunder Valley Rally!
« on: September 18, 2016, 03:01:34 pm »
The Duchess & I and our friends Ken & Al rode to Cottonwood Az (about 25 miles south of Sedona)on Friday to the Thunder Valley Rally. We had been to it a few times before (we just happened to be there when it was going on).
It's been kind of a cool low key mostly cruiser crowd event in old downtown. This year they wanted to ratchet it up. And had some known bands. Molly Hatchett & Foghat & were charging $10 to park on the blocked off street and to see the bands. Actually a pretty good deal for 2 days.
Being we were only gonna stay the afternoon we parked on the next street for free.
We rode out hwy 66 then onto Flagstaff for lunch, from there we went down 89A through Oak creek canyon which is one of the most fun & scenic rides in Az. We have nicknamed it "Cliff" canyon as that is where our 82 year old friend Cliff went off the road into a ditch a few years ago on a ride with us, his 900# road king landing upside down & amazingly he was unhurt!
After a short stop in Sedona we went to Cottonwood & to the rally. We had a good time there as it was not very crowded on Friday. At 5pm we headed up through Jerome (a tourist mining town in the hills above cottonwood.) Then up 89A on a super twisty road up the mtn. probably one of the most dangerous roads in Az.
We stopped in Prescott for the nite & today we rode down from there on iron springs rd to the Bagdad hwy & back home. A great adventure of over 400 miles! And the video....