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Has anyone ever converted their headlight (9003) bulb to a newer LED style bulb?

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Would there be any issues in doing this, provided you don't exceed the wattage of the stock bulbs?

I tried, the stumbling block was the retaining clip.  The big heat sink cooling fan portion of the bulb interferes too much with getting that clip hooked up properly.  I ended up going back and installing the H4 halogen.

I recall reading about a few of the assemblies that showed the heatsink could easily be removed, and reinstalled after the bulb was locked in, not sure which mfg products they were, but they showed pulling the units parts apart, and reassembling...

I used an Evitek brand LED for the c10 and the KLR. There is a separate base. Easy peasy and they work very well. Good pattern and excellent cut off on low beam to keep from annoying/blinding oncoming traffic.

Would you happen to have a part or model number for the Evitek LED light?


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