Author Topic: Fuel mapping fly opening primer/advice?  (Read 16421 times)

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Re: Fuel mapping fly opening primer/advice?
« Reply #20 on: July 04, 2012, 02:45:11 pm »
For all the intelligence of the posters, there is some misinformation in the posts.  I would strongly suggest that you contact Guhl Motors about both the cost of the flash and subsequent reflashes.  IIRC, the flash is $375, but I believe that subsequent re-flashes are significantly less.

Guhl said they will re flash for free if i ever changed anything on the bike.  I'm sure to a premade map they have byt they will plug it in and upload for free. 

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Re: Fuel mapping fly opening primer/advice?
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You want a GTR 1400 more nervous under 4500 rpm, climbing gear, remove the flies of you ... try with you, a sprinkling every so often.
A shorter final drive ratio, 2 teeth in less rear wheel to the crown would be amazing shooting at low, given that the speed of 260 kilometers per hour does not help anyone.
Life is simple, complicate it moves the economy.

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