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Re: Idle mixture adjustment tool
« Reply #15 on: May 15, 2018, 07:57:45 pm »
I don't post much and this is probably considered necromancy, but I really wanted to share this little tool that helped me out.

I read above about MOB's recommendations but I couldn't get my fat hands to work well for the number 2 carb - too little clearance for me. So I looked around a bit and found this little jewel -  - I would NOT recommend it for it's intended purpose, but it works great for a hand tool. Put any size apex bit in it and stick a cheap little thumbwheel 'drive' on it and viola!

Very good feel (like when the straight blade hits the groove) and flexibility (use whatever apex driver trips your trigger) make this a must have (for a setting that shouldn't need to be adjusted, if you don't forget to do it on the bench  :o ).

Brent C. in KY
'88 Connie