Author Topic: Finally got my first nail in a tire ever  (Read 6031 times)

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Re: Finally got my first nail in a tire ever
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BTW- I have found that to be the hardest part of plugging tires, following the original path of the nail (or whatever it was) that punctured the tire. If the nail went in at, say, 30 degrees, and you are trying to punch the plug in perpendicular to the tire, 1) it will not go and 2) you have no idea what the puncture path was once the object was removed. It really does pay to pay attention to the angle of entry

That is a very good point.  Had I removed it and THEN discovered it was leaking, with that type of strange angle, and without photographs, plugging would have been almost impossible.  Meaning that patching would be the only remaining option to repair (which is expensive and complicated).
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